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Amy causes a text message incident in Doctors

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Amy causes a text message incident in Doctors

This week in Letherbridge…


Bear receives another sick note for Al and Zara decides enough is enough. She arranges a meeting for her, Emma, Jimmi and Bear to try and resolve the situation. Kirsty hears about it and offers to help but Zara asks her to make sure Nina doesn’t find out instead. Zara expects Emma and Jimmi to have a handle on the situation but they have to admit that he hasn’t let them in the house.

Kirsty enters just as Zara is asking if anyone has actually been in. Zara mistakenly thinks she’s here for a drinks order and Kirsty has to explain she’s the only one who Al has let in. Kirsty joins in the meeting and Zara apologises. Nina realises that she’s missed out on something and questions Bear to find out the truth. Nina offers to help and Zara insists she has to be the one to go and see Al.

Doctor Lisa Caldwell walks with her 17-year-old son Jacob Caldwell through the park, Jacob annoyed by some bird netting. She warns him about behaving at school. We then see him walking away from the Deputy Head, John Matthews, having walked out of a lesson. Lisa turns up at school and reads her son the riot act whilst waiting for Matthews, but loses patience by the time he gets there. Suni tries to get hold of Lisa for a lunch date but she’s not replying.

As Lisa listens to a message from Suni she goes to tell Jacob she’s going out but can’t find him. She tracks him on his phone back to the school, where he ends up punching a wall having been refused entry by Matthews. Lisa is shocked by this and takes Jacob to see Suni.  Jacob opens up about his struggles and they work together to get him help, including from Matthews. Scarlett is impressed with how Suni helped his friend.


Kirsty turns up at Al’s house, but as she prevaricates Zara slides into the house. She tries to talk to him about how he’s feeling but he’s typically obstinate and doesn’t give her an inch. She ends up suggesting he sees a therapist and hands over a card of someone who comes recommended. Al refuses the offer and Zara tries to make him a deal; she’ll go and see her to get some help too. Al says she needs it but rejects the offer. Zara leaves but we see that she’s had an impact on him as he contemplates the therapist’s card.

At Sid’s house Martine is cooking Bear and Tye a breakfast but Sid rejects it. At The Mill he moans to Bear about the situation but he and Suni wind Sid up. Sid goes back home and mistakenly thinks Tye and Martine are having sex in the kitchen. He goes in and finds his dad booking a romantic weekend away. Sid is forced to open up about how awkward he feels and questions the relationship. Tye explains the reason he’s booked the weekend away is to give Sid a break and explains how much fun he’s having. Sid is forced to concede the point and his dad decides to have a boys’ night in with him and Bear.

Also today a woman grows suspicious of her new neighbour, is she a murderer?

Monday: Jacob Caldwell walks away from Deputy Head, John Matthews


Ruhma meets nearly qualified midwife Jenny Ackerman, who is starting a placement with her. Jenny seems bright and confident, but over the course of the day makes a few slip ups which unnerve Ruhma. First she struggles to find a vein and then worries pregnant Tina Evans when she can’t find a foetal heartbeat. Ruhma gets the feeling that her help may actually end up creating extra work.

Zara, Bear and Nina have a partners meeting. Nina is trying to add more enhanced services to The Mill, but Zara refuses because they’re down two GPs and no one has time. Nina thinks the attitude is wrong and they argue. Bear feels caught in the middle and Zara realises they’re stuck in deadlock. She tries to offer Emma a share of the partnership but she refuses so Zara is back to square one. Bear finds a compromise to the enhanced services issue but the tension at the top remains.

Kirsty chats to Bear about a new patient text messaging service and Kirsty sends an example text. The only problem is she’s actually sent a worrying message to all the patients with the surname Jones without realising it. Amy Jones is at home and receives what seems to be terrible medical news and can’t get through to The Campus to talk about it. Lauren Colson turns up to do her weekly clean at Amy’s but can’t get in, so is initially worried then threatens to make a scene when Amy won’t let her in. Once inside Lauren talks about Amy’s dead husband and sees Amy isn’t well and offers to drive her to The Campus after she admits she thinks she has dementia.

At The Campus the mistake with the text message is explained and Amy grows more frustrated and has a go at Lauren who leaves. Amy gets fed up with waiting and leaves too. Lauren comes back in and asks about Amy, and they find her collapsed in the ladies. Sid examines her and determines she has labyrinthitis, not dementia. Amy is relieved and chooses not to make a formal complaint about the message.


Kirsty is pleased to find out that Al has booked a therapy session, but Al doesn’t seem quite as thrilled. Al is cagey when his therapist, Sophia first arrives, but eventually tells her about when he was attacked, and how it’s affected him. Al tells Sophia he deals in facts, not feelings, so Sophia tries to get Al to look at the situation rationally – it’s unlikely something like this will ever happen to him again. Al isn’t convinced though and claims he’d rather stay in his house.

Sophia realises he hasn’t left the house at all since returning from the hospital. She tries to encourage him to go into the back garden, but she is facing an uphill struggle. When Al talks about his plans for his future Sophia doesn’t think some of it is a good idea. She sets Al some homework for their next session – go out to his back garden and drink a cup of tea.

Suni is grateful when he’s running late, and Scarlett covers for him with his patients. Scarlett suggests they grab lunch, but Suni turns her down, claiming he has too much paperwork to do. But at lunchtime, Scarlett feels snubbed when she sees Suni heading out for lunch with Nina. When he gets back, she has a go at him for playing games and messing with her head. But Suni is angry right back – she’s the one been playing games with him! They argue furiously, but before long fury turns to passion and the kiss passionately, tearing off each other’s clothes

Doctors, Monday to Thursday at 1.45 pm on BBC One and the iPlayer.

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