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Terese unleashes her wrath in Neighbours

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Terese unleashes her wrath in Neighbours

It’s a flashback week of specials…

When Neighbours returned, it jumped two years ahead from the series finale on Channel 5. Now across this week the Erinsborough residents ‘flash back’ to this year to explain what happened between those missing months.

In the last episode of the week Melanie continues telling her story. Going back one year ago, the day before Paul and Terese’s vow renewal. Determined to put an end to the threats and intimidation, Melanie instigated a meeting with Krista.

A desperate Krista grabbed onto Melanie, who pushed her away. It was a moment Melanie now wishes had never happened…

In the present, the police arrive, having been called by Melanie. Recounting the fateful night to the police, Paul reveals what happened that night on the rooftop, and the subsequent ramifications for him and his family.

After finally learning the whole truth, and why Paul left her at the altar, Terese unleashes her wrath onto him in an emotional outburst, and everyone’s worlds have been well and truly turned upside down.

Neighbours, streaming from 7.30 am today on Freevee in the UK

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