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Billie Shepherd designs new limited-edition Bauble to support vulnerable families


Billie Shepherd designs new limited-edition Bauble to support vulnerable families

TV star Billie Shepherd has teamed up with the UK’s leading children’s charity, Action for Children to design a bespoke bauble to add a touch of festive glamour to Christmas trees across the nation.  

Billie Shepherd:

“I wanted my bauble to reflect something I’d hang on my tree at home. I love the chic but festive design of the bauble along with the ripple of mother of pearl to add some shimmery glamour! My kids love the magic of Christmas, and I want to hold onto that for as long as possible. It’s so special to see Nelly and Arthur in their matching pyjamas excited to decorate the tree with baubles – we still have that to look forward to with Margot.”

Mum of three and star of ITV’s The Family Diaries, Billie has created designs for limited-edition nude, gold and mother-of-pearl design that is handmade, sustainable, plastic-free and locally sourced. For many of the 4.2 million UK children now living in poverty, there’s no Christmas magic. No tree to decorate. No special memories to make. Christmas is just another day to go to bed hungry and wake up cold.

Each sale of the unique bauble will raise awareness for Action for Children’s Secret Santa campaign, which provides vulnerable children with warm clothes, a hot meal or a Christmas present just for them. Action for Children helped over 765,000 children, young people and families last year.

Billie’s bauble is one of two limited edition designs the charity has introduced for the first time, with the second designed by an 11-year-old young carer, Jess, whose family received support from Secret Santa in the form of food vouchers, a Christmas present and heating last year. 

Billie Shepherd:

“For many families, Christmas is a special time to get together and celebrate, but sadly, the festive season can bring a lot of stress and anxiety for some families who struggle to make ends meet. This is why I jumped at the chance to support Action for Children’s Secret Santa campaign to help put the magic back into Christmas for vulnerable children.”

Billie’s bauble is £10. To buy Billie or Jess’s bauble and become a Secret Santa for Action for Children, visit

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