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‘HairStyle: The Talent Show’ comes to Rakuten TV


‘HairStyle: The Talent Show’ comes to Rakuten TV

The new hairdressing talent show ‘HairStyle‘ will make its debut in the UK on December 8th.

The show will become part of the exclusive content from Rakuten TV, one of Europe’s leading streaming platforms. This innovative format, seeking the next big name in hairdressing in the country, will feature Maestro Rossano Ferretti, and stylists Riawna Capri and Nikki Lee as hosts.

A fresh format for a global audience. Ten professional hairdressers from Spain, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, and the United States will need to showcase their talent, skills, and creativity in front of Maestro Rossano Ferretti, who will host the talent show broadcast globally in its five versions. In each of the editions, Rossano Ferretti will evaluate the contestants’ work, accompanied by a co-host from each of the countries. They won’t be alone; well-known celebrities will visit the salon to share insights about their hair and lifestyle routines.

Adapting to customer requests, analyzing their physical features, providing advice on the most flattering hair colours and cuts, creating hairstyles for special occasions, and reviving damaged hair are some of the challenges that the ‘HairStyle‘ contestants will face. Additionally, they will need to showcase their makeup skills, as they will have to complete the looks with dreamy makeup. They will put their creativity and hairstyling vision to the test to make their names known in households around the world.

The winner of HairStyle, The Talent Show will be awarded a prize worth $150,000, allowing them to realize their ambition of opening a high-end salon. To ensure the project is a success, a team of experts headed by Rossano Ferretti will be on hand, supported by top hair industry brands: AlfaParf Milano Professional haircare, colouring and finishing products; Great Lengths extensions, Rossano Ferretti Parma hair treatments; Gama Professional dryers and Maletti salon furniture. The winner will also be awarded $10,000 extra to spend on their salon and will join the prestigious international teaching team of the MDB Education hairstyling master’s program.

HairStyle, The Talent Show featuring Rossano Ferretti, Riawna Capri, and Nikki Lee, premieres in UK on December 8th on Rakuten TV 

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