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Inside the Force: 24/7 to return for third series

Channel 5

Inside the Force: 24/7 to return for third series

Continuing in their line of successful blue light documentary series for Channel 5, Mentorn Media has been commissioned to produced a third run of Inside the Force: 24/7.

Adrian Padmore, Commissioning Editor at Channel 5 and Paramount+:

“It’s great to be back as we go ‘behind the scenes’ of a new force, Cleveland Police, as they fight crime across Middlesbrough. This no holds barred third series, exposes the very shocking realities facing police in modern Britain and the need for rapid reactions when tensions reach boiling point.”

Channel 5 cameras will once again go behind the station doors and see what really goes on inside.

In a twelve-part series, the programme will see the world of a brand-new station and follow the officers of Cleveland Police. Behind the Middlesbrough station doors, there is a team of over 500 officers who patrol the biggest town in the Teesside area.  It’s a region with the highest crime rate in the country, it has the highest rate of firearms offences in the country and the second highest rate for knife crime.

The production simultaneously follows the different layers of police inside the station, as in-the-moment decisions are made, and reveal how the force reacts. Every incident triggers a chain of events which engages a cross-section of Cleveland police.

Across the series, incidents include tackling a man with a knife who seriously stabbed three officers, an attempted murder with a stabbing of a teenager, and a drive-by shooting through the windows of a terraced house. This is policing as it happens, capturing what really goes on inside a station and how that spills out onto the streets.

Mark Webster, Chief Constable at Cleveland Police:

“Cleveland Police is excited for the public to see the relentless hard work of our officers and staff, with the chance to demonstrate what a challenging, yet rewarding, role working in policing can be.”

Inside the Force: 24/7 will air on Channel 5 at a date yet to be announced

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