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Reece has lots of questions in Neighbours

Pick of the Plots

Reece has lots of questions in Neighbours

Mid-week dramas in Erinsborough…

Reece is overjoyed to discover her sister is alive but this joy is tempered when Holly reveals Krista is refusing to see her. Reece holds vigil outside the hospital room while Holly, and then Mackenzie, receive an insight into the horrors Krista has endured with Eden – a man who has used coercive control and fed her drug habit to keep her isolated. She’s ashamed to be back in the familiar place of rock bottom and doesn’t want Reece to see her this way.

After being swayed by Mackenzie, Krista faces Reece and the two unpack their respective guilt over what has transpired. Krista had no idea Eden faked her death to extort the money from Melanie and is disgusted by her own behaviour which set off the chain reaction of events that have caused so many to suffer.

Now finally freed from Eden’s clutches, it appears that Krista can and will get her life back together.

Toadie grapples with the disparity between his and Nell’s stance on Melanie. He questions if being hardline could do even more damage to Nell. Susan counsels that Toadie needs to compartmentalise his feelings and to think about what’s best for his daughter. When it’s revealed Krista is alive and Melanie is not a murderer, Susan wonders if Toadie might allow Nell a visit to the prison. Following Susan’s earlier advice, Toadie allows it. But will he come to regret the decision?

After their capture of Eden – and discovery of Krista – Holly and Haz accompany Krista to the hospital. Along with Mackenzie, they help Krista and Reece reunite. When the exhausted trio find themselves at home, needing to decompress, Holly forces celebratory drinks as a way of shutting out some uncomfortable emotions that Krista’s return has stirred up. When Mackenzie gets called away to work, Holly is privately pleased to be left alone with Haz. But the flirt-fest takes a sudden turn when she receives a text from Krista thanking Holly for saving her.

The dam breaks and Holly admits how awful she feels for Krista and how in an alternate version of events, Eden could have driven her to the same wretched state. As Haz comforts her, the tone turns sexual. Holly kisses Haz and things quickly become hot and heavy. Just how far will they go?

Neighbours, streaming from 7.30 am today on Freevee in the UK

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