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Toadie struggles to make peace with Melanie in Neighbours

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Toadie struggles to make peace with Melanie in Neighbours

A new week in Erinsborough…

A remorseful Krista makes peace with Melanie, promising to take responsibility for the drug charges hanging over her head.

Meanwhile, Byron is trying to adhere to Reece’s wishes by looking out for Krista, while getting the growing sense that Reece is screening his calls. A confused Byron wonders what’s going on with his girlfriend, leading him to act out of character at work…

Wanting to help Melanie get back on her feet after her release from prison, Nell organises a delivery of groceries for her. While Toadie admires his daughter’s kindness, he struggles to make peace with the ongoing role Melanie is playing in his family’s life.

Affected by Jane’s emotional preparation for the final days of Erinsborough High, Nicolette resolves to find a way to save the school. With Wendy’s help, she starts to organise plans for a public protest, bringing a few old faces back to Erinsborough…

Neighbours, streaming from 7.30 am today on Freevee in the UK

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