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UK Survey Suggests ‘Top Ways To Improve Our Lives’


UK Survey Suggests ‘Top Ways To Improve Our Lives’

A survey of UK residents has revealed that a top-to-bottom, home redesign/make-over, tops the list of things Brits dream lifestyle changes. (26 percent).

Travelling the world (19 percent), getting a new style (14 percent), having a garden make-over (15 percent), and learning to paint or dance (6 percent) are other ways we feel our lives could be improved. Launching a side hustle (13 percent), finishing a course or qualification (11 percent), getting a promotion at work (11 percent) are other things on the nation’s wish list.

Yet, the survey of 2,000 UK people, by OnePlus, reveals as many as eight in ten (79 percent) feel they are not living to their full potential. Almost half (47 percent) feel like they should be making more of their work and career, with 47 percent wanting to make more of their general skills.

82 percent admit they are a procrastinator by nature, so much so that tasks sit on our to-do lists for an average of three weeks before being completed. Almost eight in ten (77 percent) feel like their life is slipping away, with half (51 percent) feeling like they should be doing more (47 percent).

Yet, a fifth (19 percent) would love to learn a language, while 19 percent would like to travel the world – and 18 percent would love a new set of friends. One in six (16 percent) say they would like to cook exciting new recipes, while 14 percent dream of starting their own business or learning to play a musical instrument (14 percent).

Celina Shi, Chief Marketing Office at OnePlus, who commissioned the survey:

“What this study shows is how many people aren’t realising their full potential, which in this age of opportunity and technology feels like a travesty. In a world where the pursuit of potential feels hindered by time constraints and productivity challenges, the OnePlus Open smartphone allows users to work and create anywhere, at any time, fostering an environment where tasks, ambitions, and life goals can seamlessly intertwine, making the extraordinary achievable in the every day.” 

Being in an environment that is inspiring (29 percent), seeing things from a different perspective (27 percent), having the freedom to work from anywhere (25 percent) and being alone (23 percent) are also factors that the British public think would increase productivity. Two thirds (66 percent) admit they often find themselves “doom” scrolling through social media when they could be cracking on with a task.

UK Survey Suggests ‘Top 15 Ways To Improve Our Lives’:
  1. Redecorate your entire home – 26%
  2. Learn a new language – 19%
  3. Travel the world – 19%
  4. Make a new set of friends – 18%
  5. Learn to cook exciting new recipes – 17%
  6. Give your garden a make-over – 15%
  7. Start your own business – 14%
  8. Get a new style / look – 14%
  9. Learn to play an instrument – 14%
  10. Start a side hustle – 13%
  11. Get a new partner – 10%
  12. Learn to paint – 6%
  13. Learn to dance – 6%
  14. Go back to University – 5%
  15. Take a photography course – 5%

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