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TNT Sports presents ‘Andrew Mensah’s Stand-up Kickabout’

TNT Sports

TNT Sports presents ‘Andrew Mensah’s Stand-up Kickabout’

Comedy comes to TNT Sports…

On Friday 8th December, TNT Sports will premiere Andrew Mensah’s Stand-up Kickabout – a four-part comedy series combining the stand-up comic’s two greatest passions, football and comedy, as he embarks on a hilarious and fascinating tour of the UK.

Stand-up gigs have taken Mensah to all manner of pubs, clubs and venues around the country but this time he will stop in and discover local football communities from all corners of the UK. Throughout the series, Mensah will visit Eriskay FC in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland, Sheffield FC, the world’s first football club, Llantwit Major AFC in South Wales and Mousehole AFC in Cornwall.

On each trip, he will meet players, fans and volunteers at clubs of varying levels within the football pyramid to discover what football means to them, the sacrifices they make for their club and their common love of the beautiful game. 


Andrew’s a long way from home having taken 2 flights only to find he’s still in the UK. He takes his first trip to the Outer Hebrides to meet Eriskay FC, a club based on an island with a population of 143 people and a whole load of sheep and home to a pitch nominated by FIFA as one of the 8 most unique football pitches in the world. Eriskay – Friday 8 December, 22:30 – TNT Sports 1 / discovery+


This is where football started back in 1857. Without Sheffield FC we would never have had Pele, Messi or Crouchy. Andrew meets the chairman, Richard Tims, to find out about the birth of club football and how Sheffield FC were responsible for creating some of the rules we still play today. Andrew then takes on Benni Ndlovu, Sheffield FC’s star forward, in a set of challenges based on the first rules of the game. Sheffield – Friday 15 December, 18:30 – TNT Sports 1 / discovery+


Andrew meets members of the club committee to find out why this small club in the second division of the Welsh League has a massive social media following and a fan base in Argentina. Mensah also ditches the white Air Force trainers for a new pair of wellies as he steps foot on a farm for the first time to meet former player and fan Jimbo. Llantwit – Friday 22 December, 22:00 – TNT Sports 1 / discovery+


Mousehole are flying high with 4 promotions in 5 seasons so Andrew heads down to the very tip of the country to find out whether Mousehole can become the first ever Cornish team to play in the English Football League. He went to Cornwall once but vowed never to return, will his second visit flip his opinion? Mousehole – Friday 29 December, 22:00 – TNT Sports 1 / discovery+

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