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Telly Today: From Kylie to a late night prowler

Photo Credit: Jonathan Hordle/ITV


Telly Today: From Kylie to a late night prowler

TV Highlights for Sunday, December 10th…


For one night only at the legendary Royal Albert Hall in front of fans and a specially invited audience of VIP guests, global superstar Kylie Minogue hosts the biggest Audience With to date.

I’m putting together a selection of hits from throughout the years; some with a twist! We will all feel at home at the Royal Albert Hall and share some trips down memory lane. As for what questions I will be asked by the audience, we’ll have to wait and see! – Kylie Minogue

Kylie will perform some of her greatest hits from across her record-breaking career, including recent smash hits Padam Padam and Tension. There will be surprises and personal stories too, as she takes questions from the dazzling celebrity audience on this unforgettable night.

I absolutely love knowing that people watching at home will be making a night of it. I want everyone to feel like they are there with us, as they are in spirit! Have some friends over, get the snacks in and perhaps even pop a bottle of something! If you want to go all out, mini replicas of Royal Albert Hall? (hah!!) Red drapes… hey, it IS that time of year! – Kylie Minogue

ITV1/STV at 7.45 pm


The UK’s biggest and most successful true crime documentary series continues a new run of gripping films, each featuring unprecedented access to behind-the-scenes police investigations into major crimes.

In The Night Prowler, DC Shona Birkby, from Bedfordshire Police’s Rape & Serious Sexual Offences team, is analysing a phone video she has obtained which features a couple having sex in an alleyway. They have no idea that a man is filming them. She is deeply alarmed because she knows that voyeurism ‘is a sexual offence, it’s incredibly violating and it could be the first step on the ladder to something more serious’.

Cameras follow every twist and turn of DC Birkby’s investigation as she forensically examines her suspect, who she believes is regularly prowling the streets late at night filming women in compromising positions to get sexual thrills. At the same time we hear from the man under suspicion who although he admits his behaviour is disgusting and wrong, denies he is a sexual predator. The case takes a sinister turn when within weeks of the sex video being taken police receive an emergency call from a nightclub where door staff believe a woman has been attacked.

Channel 4 at 9 pm


Sherlock Holmes is the most famous detective in the world, featuring in more than 60 original stories and countless adaptations. For more than a century he’s intrigued and excited his fans with his intellect and powers of deduction. He made his author, Arthur Conan Doyle, rich and famous. But the writer came to hate his fictional character.

Over the course of three episodes ‘Killing Sherlock: Lucy Worsley on The Case Of Conan Doyle‘, historian and lifelong Sherlock Holmes fan Lucy Worsley investigates this curious relationship between Holmes and Doyle, detective and author.

In the first episode, Lucy discovers Sherlock’s origins in Arthur’s early life as a medical student. She unpicks the early stories, revealing the dark underbelly of late Victorian Britain, from drug use to true crime, and traces Doyle’s growing disenchantment with his detective, heading to Switzerland to visit the site of one of the most famous deaths in literature.

BBC Two, 9 pm

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