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The EastEnders ‘Six’ talk Christmas Day ‘whodunnit’


The EastEnders ‘Six’ talk Christmas Day ‘whodunnit’

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Whilst it’s usually a happy time for many, Christmas Day in Albert Square is notoriously riddled with heartbreak and deceit, and this year will be no exception.

Viewers know that one Walford male will find himself on the floor of The Queen Vic in the dreaded cufflinks but two very important questions remain to be answered – who is it and how has he come to be there?

Whilst the exact circumstances relating to his death will remain a tightly kept secret up until Christmas Day, one thing is for certain – six of Walford’s much-loved matriarchs will find themselves embroiled in a series of events that will lead to his demise, and in a flash, their lives will be permanently changed forever…

This December, star-crossed lovers Sharon and Keanu prepare to finally say ‘I do’ but unbeknownst to one and other, both are hiding massive secrets – Keanu staged Albie’s kidnap and Phil is the young boy’s biological dad. With stakes running high, both fight to conceal the truth but as the viewers know all too well, secrets never stay secret for long in Albert Square…

Will it be any of these? EastEnders is well known for not killing off those pictured in the “death publicity”

Kathy is heartbroken having finally learnt about Rocky’s involvement in the café fire that left grandson Peter fighting for his life. Having also sold Kathy’s café to Nish under false pretences, has Rocky got what it takes to talk himself out of this one, or will it be the final nail in the coffin for their marriage? Denise found herself in hot-water after a steamy hotel visit with lover-turned-enemy, Ravi, which had disastrous consequences for her marriage with Jack. With an unresolved feud with Ravi, and more infidelity on the cards for the Brannings, only time will tell if their marriage, and Jack, will survive…

Linda’s world was turned upside down when Dean made a sinister return to Walford on Halloween. With Dean showing no signs of remorse for his crimes, will the consequences of his actions catch up with him before Linda does? After enduring a stalker ordeal, Stacey is about to find herself embroiled in drama with another Walford man. With best friend Eve also presumed dead and having killed Archie Mitchell in the exact same spot almost 14 years ago, is history about to repeat itself?

Suki is set to hit rock bottom after news of Eve’s ‘death’ reaches Albert Square. Believing that controlling husband Nish, and murderous step-son Ravi are responsible, Suki will stop at nothing to make sure revenge is served…

The Six actresses involved in the storyline have pondered their woes…

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