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Channel 5 to look at the world of crocodiles and hippos with Steve Backshall

Steve Backshall is currently looking at the world of whales on Sky

Channel 5

Channel 5 to look at the world of crocodiles and hippos with Steve Backshall

A two part series will look into the life of crocs…

Channel 5 has commissioned a double-feature natural history series exploring the captivating worlds of crocodiles and hippos, to be fronted by naturalist Steve Backshall The editions promise to be a captivating documentary and an exhilarating look into the lives of these remarkable creatures.

These extraordinary documentaries will offer viewers an unprecedented opportunity to delve deep into the lives of crocodiles and hippos, unveiling their remarkable secrets and showcasing the beauty of their natural habitats. Prepare to be enthralled, educated, and captivated as we venture into the wild with Steve Backshall for an unforgettable exploration of these incredible creatures.

Denise Seneviratne, Commissioning Editor, Unscripted, Channel 5 and Paramount+:

“Crocodiles and hippos are truly fascinating creatures with formidable reputations. Steve Backshall is the perfect person to dive deep into their worlds and unravel the secrets of these incredible animals. We are delighted to be working with True To Nature to bring these remarkable series’ to Channel 5.”   

Across the two documentary series – Croc Watch and Hippo Watch – viewers will embark on a thrilling journey deep into the heart of South Africa, guided by the expertise and infectious enthusiasm of Steve Backshall. With access to the lives of crocodiles and hippos, Steve will unveil the mysteries of their survival, revealing everything from their habits, hunting techniques, parenting instincts, and the intricate dynamics that enable them to thrive and ultimately survive.

Presenter and naturalist Steve Backshall:

“I can’t wait to get up close and personal with these extraordinary animals. Exploring the natural habitat of crocodiles and hippos is a dream come true for any wildlife enthusiast, and I am beyond excited to learn more about these captivating creatures. Having previously worked with Channel 5 for the Secret Life of Badgers, I can confidently say that Crocodiles and Hippos might be a tad more adventurous!”

Steve returned to screens earlier this month as he explored the incredible world of our oceans in Whale with Steve Backshall (pictured) on Sky Nature and NOW. Launching on  3 December 2023 the four-part series follows Steve as he free-dives with whales and dolphins, getting closer than ever before, providing the audience with the opportunity to witness rarely-seen behaviours from these extraordinary mammals.

Through immersive, stunning natural history sequences, we’ll follow mighty sperm and humpback whales, and meet intelligent orcas and bottlenose dolphins. The series explores their complex social relationships and surprising hunting techniques and we’ll discover that – just like us – whales have very close-knit family units.

Steve has previously presented on Channel 5 including the 2022 series Ice Age: A Frozen World.

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