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ITVX look into the world of men called James Bond


ITVX look into the world of men called James Bond

The names Bond, James Bond…

The Other Fellow, the critically acclaimed entertaining, fascinating and thought-provoking documentary looking at real people around the world called James Bond, will be heading to ITVX on 4th January. This date happily coincides with the birthday of James Bond, the ornithologist who’s name Ian Fleming gave to his famous creation.

The Other Fellow is directed by Matthew Bauer and co-written by Bauer and Rene van Pannevis.  Described as an energetic exploration of male identity via the lives, personalities, and adventures of a diverse band of men, real men across the globe all sharing the same name – James Bond.

1953. Jamaica. When author Ian Fleming needs a name for his suave, sophisticated secret agent, he steals one from an unaware birdwatcher and creates a pop-culture phenomenon about the ultimate fictional alpha-male.

2023. Seventy years after the publication of the first Bond novel and as all eyes turn to who could be the seventh 007, Australian filmmaker Matthew Bauer is on a global mission to discover the lasting, contrasting and very personal impacts of sharing such an identity with James Bond.

From a Swedish 007 super-fan with a WWII past to a gay New York theatre director, an African American Bond accused of murder, and two resilient women caught up in it all, Bauer’s cinematic mission is an audacious, poignant, and insightful examination of masculinity, gender, and race in the very real shadows of a movie icon.

The Other Fellow will be available on ITVX from 4th January

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