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More true crime miniseries for A+E Networks

A + E Networks

More true crime miniseries for A+E Networks

Following the success of Cut to the Crime, featuring TikTok hair stylist sensation James Busby, A+E Networks EMEA is releasing new, exciting Digital Original titles for true-crime fans.

Life Behind Bars, from ITN Productions, features David Navarro, who spent ten years in-and-out of prisons nationwide. Across the five episodes, David sits down to eat a prison meal with a guest who has either been in prison or has worked within the prison service. Exploring topics such as rehabilitation, overcrowding, conflict-resolution, and relationships, each episode covers visceral topics and brings back difficult memories for those involved.

True Crime Rewind is an A+E Networks EMEA in-house production featuring criminologist Dr. Honor Doro Townshend, former detective superintendent Julie Mackay, and forensic psychiatrist Dr. Sohom Das. The panel of experts inspects some of the most compelling body cam, arrest, and interview footage from a number of serious crimes whilst revealing their techniques of behavioural analysis and forensic detection.

The experts will examine some shocking British cases across the four episodes, including Penelope Jackson, George Birchwood, Jemma Mitchell, and Wayne Couzens. Ex-Con Carpenters, produced by Phoenix Television, is a five-part mini-series featuring a family of woodworkers who meet with reformed criminals to hear their story and help them create a meaningful piece of woodwork for someone special.

Trials By Social Media, produced by Content Kings, is a mid-form series with five episodes hosted by true crime YouTuber Mollie Westbrook. It presents cases where social media has not just been at the heart of the story but has driven it in extreme directions.

Sam Pearson, Head of Digital Media at A+E Networks EMEA:

“The Digital Originals project is driving powerful insights into how we tell our stories, and we’re thrilled to be able to expand our slate of mid-form series with this diverse range of formats, delivered by some exciting talent, from some top production teams.”

True Crime Rewind and Life Behind the Bars will be released on the 27th of December, 2023, and the 22nd of January, 2024, respectively. Ex-Con Carpenters and Trials by Social Media will become available in early 2024. All series can be enjoyed on Crime+Investigation Play, A+E Networks EMEA streaming service, and on video on demand.

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