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Colleen Ramsey shares her favourite Christmas recipes


Colleen Ramsey shares her favourite Christmas recipes

Cookery writer and presenter Colleen Ramsey this year made a special, festive episode, of her cookery series Colleen Ramsey: Bywyd a Bwyd.

The special kicked off S4C’s Christmas programming on December 20th and if you missed it you can catch it on S4C’s streaming service Clic as well as on the BBC iPlayer. The show, featuring Colleen’s husband – Wales’ football team captain – Aaron Ramsey, also starred her mother and sister. The programme shows Colleen preparing a feast for her favourite time of year.

Colleen Ramsey:

“Who doesn’t love Christmas? It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Celebrating Christmas at home means the world to me and my family. From choosing a tree to decorating the house and wrapping presents – everything excites me.”

And Christmas Day itself is no different.

Colleen Ramsey:

“Everyone comes to my house and I love that because I want to be Mrs Christmas. On the day it’s a military operation, everyone has a job to do.”

In this special programme, Colleen shares her prawn recipes and smoked salmon cocktail, crispy Christmas treats for the kids, canapés and a clever twist on mince pies. “I’ve tried a lot of mince pies,” says Colleen. “I have an idea of what we can do differently with them”.

Colleen also makes a Christmas stuffing to compete in her family stuffing-off as judged by Aaron himself, and a tiramisu trifle which she makes with her sister Roisin. Don’t expect any lighter options, says Colleen. “I feel like every Christmas recipe starts with loads of butter. It’s Christmas, come on!”

The whole programme is a family affair, reflecting how the family always celebrate.

Colleen Ramsey:

“Mam and Dad help me in the kitchen – I say they help me, they’d say I’m helping them. It’s hard to know who’s boss, Aaron’s job means that sometimes we have to celebrate birthdays or even Christmas Day on a different day. Sometimes we have Christmas sooner or later. It doesn’t really matter when we have it, as long as we celebrate it together and we’re all round the table.”

Nadolig Colleen Ramsey: Bywyd a Bwyd, streaming now on S4C Clic and BBC iPlayer. A Barn Media production for S4C.

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