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Rob wakes up in a cell with a hangover in Doctors

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Rob wakes up in a cell with a hangover in Doctors

This week in Letherbridge…


Rob wakes up in the cell, with a hangover. Leo is now at the station and is determined to make things difficult for him. Later Sid and Jimmi visit Rob on New Year’s Day, as he tells them the story of his pre-Christmas arrest. Sid and Jimmi reckon they both had rotten times as well, so they decide to share their tales and vote on who had the worst time… Sid and Bear hit a nightclub as Sid is on a mission to have more fun. He is delighted when he hits it off with

Christina and the guys are having fun at the club, and Sid invites her home at the end of the night. Back at Sid’s things start to go downhill rapidly, as Christina admits she is coming out of a bad breakup. Sid tries to be supportive, but is in for a shock when Christina’s ex, Tariq turns up at his front door! Jimmi tells Rob and Sid about his Christmas Eve FME shift – it was a busy night His last patient was Nate and his ventriloquist’s dummy – both dressed as Christmas Elves. Nate had been arrested for starting a fight at a shopping centre. However, when Jimmi asks questions, it’s Bernie the dummy who replies, in an increasingly aggressive manner. Jimmi doesn’t know what to do…


Zara finds a distracted Nina in the staff room. Nina reveals that she’s going for hysteroscopy, and is anxious about the procedure. Zara tries to reassure Nina, but Suni overhears and had no idea. He’s worried about his mum. At the hospital, an anxious Nina goes through her procedure – but it’s incredibly painful. In agony, she asks for some pain relief. She’s upset by the doctor’s dismissive nature.

Leo is determined to make things difficult for Rob in Tuesday’s episode of Doctors

Meanwhile, Ruhma starts in her new job as interim matron. She’s anxious as Harriet explains what needs to be done. They are interrupted a phone call and Harriet decides Ruhma can deal with the potential complaint against the department. On the ward, Ruhma finds Ali shouting at midwife SHEILA ROWE – who she blames for her baby’s condition. Ruhma takes Ali and Nathan to her office where they explain that their baby has a bleed on the brain, and they are convinced it’s because of something Sheila didn’t do during the birth. Ruhma then speaks to Sheila who is angry at being accused of not doing her job properly – she’s an experienced midwife, and Ali was a difficult patient. As Ruhma tries to investigate, baby Jack takes a serious turn for the worse…


Kurdish refugee Miran tries to keep his brother, Asin from leaving the hostel they are staying in. Asin ignores him and heads off to meet Yasmin, unaware that he’s being filmed by Ozzy on his phone. Yasmin leads Asin to her boyfriend Drew who sends her away. Drew and his mates drag Asin down an alley and beat him up.

Rob is called to the scene of the beating and finds evidence that leads him to Miran at the hostel. Miran can’t believe his brother has been attacked. Drew watches Ozzy’s video of the attack and tells him to put it on his Patriots’ Alliance website. Ozzy reluctantly obeys his brother.

Rob sees a picture of Asin and Yasmin, which leads him to Drew’s flat. Ozzy pretends Drew isn’t in, but Rob spots him. Drew denies knowing Yasmin. When Rob leaves, Drew is furious with Yasmin and Ozzy, taking his violent anger out on her…

Miran tells Rob that Asin was trying to get a job at the pub where Drew and his gang hang out – that’s where he met Yasmin. Rob pays another visit to Drew’s house and tries to get through to Ozzy. Rob looks for Yasmin at the pub where he is confronted by Drew and his racist gang.

Doctors, Tuesday to Thursday at 1.45 pm on BBC One and the iPlayer.

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