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Chicken Caesar unmasked as Alexander Armstrong


Chicken Caesar unmasked as Alexander Armstrong

Tonight, on The Masked Singer the remaining six characters, Air Fryer, Bubble Tea, Owl, Eiffel Tower, Chicken Caesar and Piranha took to the stage to stump the panel and viewers alike

Alexander Armstrong:

I’ve longed to do The Masked Singer forever and ever. Every year when it’s on, I always get texts from people saying, “Are you so-and-so?” I don’t say no. I try to say no in a very unbelievable way, “Maybe.” But now, here I am, I’m Chicken Caesar, which is a delight. It’s great to be here! 

Chicken Caesar became the second character to be unmasked as comedian and host of Pointless, Alexander Armstrong. Next week’s The Masked Singer heads to the Circus with the panel and Joel’s costumes reflecting this week’s theme!   Guest panellist this week is singer Olly Murs.   The characters taking to the stage hoping they can fool the panel and viewers at home are:  Maypole, Cricket, Bigfoot, Dippy Egg and Rat.

Viewers can also catch Alexander on The Masked Singer Mastcast, a brand new twice-weekly podcast offering fans a deep dive into the Masked universe, with special celebrity guests, exclusive behind-the-scenes insights and gossip, and an opportunity to dissect those maddeningly compelling clues. Episodes are published twice weekly on Monday and Thursday during the series. 

What are the best and worst things about performing in this costume?

It’s such a statement of grandiosity. It’s just fabulous. You can wander about, and I’ve got a wingspan! Very colourful as well, which I think is terrific. Lots of things I can do with that. The worst thing is it’s quite heavy. The head’s very heavy and you can’t really see anything.

How have you found keeping the secret?

I’ve found keeping the secret ok. It’s made very easy for us because we all have code names. I’ve got very good at talking about the programme by its code name, so it’s been pretty good. Obviously, the fact is we all have to mask up as we walk around, we have to wear gloves, full visors, and everything. It just feels very Squid Game, but I don’t mind that. It adds a bit of risk.

How weird is it not knowing who your co-stars are?

I think the strangest thing of all is obviously not knowing any of the other people who are on. The only clues you get is hearing them sing. Piranha, boy oh boy, they are incredible. It’s very strange not knowing who you’re up against.

What would you say has surprised you the most about the whole experience?

What surprised me is just how lovely everybody’s been. For such a complicated show, the logistics of this. I dread to think. I wouldn’t sleep for months if I was in charge of running this show. Yet, everybody does it. It all works like clockwork. Everybody’s just delightful. It’s just so warm and sweet and brilliant. That’s been a phenomenal thing to experience. 

The Masked Singer, Saturdays at 7pm on ITV1, ITVX & STV

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