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Telly Today: From an extraordinary extension to a Tuscan living room


Telly Today: From an extraordinary extension to a Tuscan living room

TV picks for Friday, January 12th…


Music artist and property developer Tinie Tempah is back with a new series of the awe-inspiring property show that follows homeowners as they build extraordinary extensions.

Travelling around the country, Tinie meets the people realising their dreams by expanding their homes upwards, downwards or outwards with jaw-dropping results. From big budgets to ambitious architectural aims, we see the miraculous, and sometimes emotional, stories of diverse designs coming to life.

In Warwickshire, Tinie follows a couple taking on a million-pound retirement project of adding an underground swimming pool and spa extension to their curved mega-home. But they face a battle with the property’s curves and to somehow make it eco-friendly. And, on the lookout for inspiration, Tinie also visits two other super-luxe subterranean extensions devoted entirely to lives of leisure.

Channel 4, 8pm


In the second episode of the series Amanda and Alan transform the old dining room into a Tuscan living room.

Failing to reach an agreement on the colour scheme they venture off to try and get some inspiration from the colourful fishing village of Riomaggiore. Colour choice becomes the least of their worries though, as they discover the windows of their 17th century home are unsalvageable and must be made from scratch.

Luckily another old feature can be saved, and with the help of project manager Scott the DIY duo restore the original chestnut ceiling beams, and Alan finds his stride whilst creating a feature panelled wall. It’s not all hard graft though, as they venture out into the Apuan Alps and face their fears, taking flight with a 1500 metre long zip wire over the spectacular Lake Vagli.

BBC One, 8.30pm

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