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Channel 5 celebrate the work of Carla Lane

Channel 5

Channel 5 celebrate the work of Carla Lane

Best on the Box choice for Saturday, January 13th…

Carla Lane was a sitcom pioneer.

Writing female-driven shows that powered through the 1960s,70s and 80s. In this 90-minute special, Channel 5 pays tribute to her three most famous shows. From the flat-sharing young girls-about-town in The Liver Birds to the bored, frustrated housewife Ria in Butterflies, and the Boswell family in 80s hit Bread.

Featuring classic clips along with recollections from the stars and fans, we hear from Wendy Craig, CBE how Butterflies nearly never made it on air due to its adultery story line. John Nettles remembers being cast in one of his very first TV roles as Sandra’s boyfriend Paul in The Liver Birds.

BBC PR Handout, Bread, 1990

Peter Howitt, Melanie Hill and Nick Conway remember their time on Bread, where the family vibe was as strong off-screen as on and they talk about Jean Boht mothering them, recalling the time that Paul and Linda McCartney appeared in an episode. The programme also hears about the practical jokes they played and how cast changes saw the new actors struggle to adapt.

Above all, Carla’s friends pay tribute to this unique, pioneering writer and the shows that remain favourites to this day.

Bread, Butterflies and The Liver Birds – Carla Lane’s Comedy Classics, tonight at 8.30pm on Channel 5. Catch up on My5.

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