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The team head into a ‘virtual environment’ in Doctors

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The team head into a ‘virtual environment’ in Doctors

This week in Letherbridge…


Kirsty asks Sid if he’ll take on teaching a first-aid course. He’s reluctant until she makes a bargain with him; if he’ll take on the course, she’ll do his supplies stock-taking. On his way out, she warns him not to be late. Later, Kirsty calls him; he’s running late for the class! Kirsty, annoyed, says she’ll find someone else.

When Sid does get to the class, he finds that Suni has taken his place. Suni grabs Sid and begins using him to demonstrate to the class, which annoys Sid. When Sid has a chance to talk to Suni, they stand off on the right way to teach the course. Suni is trying to keep it light and keep people engaged, but Sid thinks Suni’s not taking the class seriously. When the class is over, Suni tries to congratulate Sid on their great teamwork. Peeved, Sid accuses Sun of using him as a patsy. He argues that he’s the more qualified person to teach the course.

Suni thinks Sid is taking this far too seriously, but then Sid tells him he overheard Suni and Scarlett talking about him, and Suni realises Sid is very, very annoyed. Sid accuses him of not taking first aid seriously, but Suni turns on him and tells him about how his dad died alone, with no one to help him. Sid feels ashamed for offending Suni, but when Sid speaks to Zara later, he hears a conflicting story; that Suni was with his father when he died. Sid tries to make amends to Suni by offering to buy him a drink at the Icon.


Nina confronts Ed—she’s just had to comfort another patient coming from his department who suffered incredible pain and was left in tears. He somewhat dismisses it as over-dramatics, stating that the department is busy. Nina scolds him. He suggests that it is a sad, but unavoidable situation because the department’s resources are limited.

Back at the Mill, Nina discusses with Sid and Zara about her experience. Sid thinks that the ICB or BMA will have to listen, but Zara knows better than to expect it. Later, Zara comes into the staff room and sees that Nina is dispirited. She tries to comfort and buoy her by reminding her of how they escaped the explosion. That she must get to the heart of the problem, and that she is not a woman to be stomped on by anyone, let alone the patriarchy.

Al recommends Bear visit a patient, Mary during VPAS because she’s missed several appointments. When Bear goes round to Mary’s house, she’s disturbed that her neighbour, Ameilia is gawping at her from across the street. Bear is concerned when Mary tries to explain why she hasn’t come to the Mill. She is upset and doesn’t want to talk about it, but slowly, Bear gets her to open up. Mary explains to Bear that she can’t step out the front door because she feels exposed. Mary shows him a postcard that she received, shaming her for walking around naked in her bedroom. She thinks it was sent by Amelia from across the street but hasn’t had the nerve to confront her.


Jimmi and Zara arrive outside the University Theatre Department for Al’s Dinner with Distinction. They try to make assumptions about what Al has planned for them when Jax approaches and leads them into the venue where Al is waiting. He tries to explain the experience of virtual reality—what they’ll be doing today—but none of them understand.

When Zara asks when they’re eating, Al says there’s pizza, only to have Jax remind him he ate it all. Promising to order something later, Al proposes they crack on. As the gang get into their VR gear, Al and Jimmi enter the ‘environment’. Jimmi is in awe. Aimee approaches him, seeming to know him. When he takes off the headset, he asks Al about Aimee. Al is more interested in what Jimmi felt in the ‘environment’. Zara thinks this is all nonsense, but Al encourages her and Ruhma to give it a go. Inside the ‘environment’, Al introduces them to Aimee, who can spout out interesting facts and speak in other languages but is a work in progress.

As Jax stands in the booth, arranging the settings of the game, a number pops up on her phone that causes her pulse to race. Jax decides to answer the phone. It’s Ashling asking if Jax will come to her second wedding. Jax is upset, feeling like Ashling ignored her for years. Al sits, annoyed at Ruhma and Zara for making fun of ‘the environment’. Jimmi comes up to him, trying to make him feel better. Al tells him about how cool some of his experiences in the ‘environment’ have been.


Kevin has a seizure while at the campus, Barry waits with him until the ambulance arrives. Later, Barry tells Jimmi and Bear about Kevin having taken the wrong medication and that Kevin said the doctor who told him to take it was Jimmi. Jimmi becomes obsessed with discovering if he gave Kevin the wrong advice. Jimmi’s concerned he might be in trouble, but when he speaks with Bear, he’s adamant that he should not apologise. Barry and Jimmi go to St Phil’s to see Kevin and try to figure out what has been going on and are stunned by a revelation.

Elsewhere Zara congratulates Al on his Dinner with Distinction, declaring him the winner. This puzzles Al, but he’s happy to take the win.

Chloe is at the Mill trying to get an appointment with Suni, but Kirsty tries to tell her that he’s booked up. When Kirsty tries to give her an appointment with Zara, Chloe refuses, adamant that it must be Suni, because Zara’s got ‘a smell’. Another patient hears that Zara is free, and they’re able to swap appointments. When Chloe sees Suni she tells him the real reason she’s there—her husband has an appointment with him later. Despite Suni reminding her that he can’t breach confidentiality, she tells him that she has a special ability to smell sickness.

Suni is reluctant to believe her, but she asks him to check with the school of medicine, who take her seriously. She believes she’s smelled cancer on her husband and entreats Suni to persuade him to get tested. Suni says he’ll only do so if it’s relevant during his consultation.

Doctors, Monday to Thursday at 1.45 pm on BBC One and the iPlayer.

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