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Chelsea is determined in Neighbours

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Chelsea is determined in Neighbours

This week in Erinsborough…


Chelsea is determined to reconnect with Paul but is stymied by his busy schedule. When he’s distracted by Terese, Chelsea realises she needs to understand her rival and goes out of her way to talk business with Terese, gathering intel.

Later, Chelsea gives herself a Terese-esque makeover, adopting her fashion, applying Terese’s favourite perfume and copying her gestures. Paul registers the familiar perfume and Chelsea uses his sentimental attachment to draw closer to him. Just as Chelsea attempts to ask Paul out again, she’s interrupted by Sadie who – following Wendy’s push to stick up for herself – asks when she can expect to receive payment for her work at the pop-up.

Embarrassed in front of Paul, Chelsea berates Sadie and claims the agreement was to be paid in 30 days. Incensed that Sadie has been manipulated to feel in the wrong, Wendy and Andrew take up her cause and insist that Chelsea pay Sadie by the next day, revealing to Cara that her sister is broke. Not wanting to re-ignite drama with the Rodwells, Cara lends her sister the money but asks Chelsea not to say a word to Remi.

Paul is flattered by Chelsea’s interest and accepts her offer to take him to dinner. Soon after, however, his mood sours when he sees a loved-up photo of Krista and Leo on social media. Off this, Paul makes an intriguing proposal to Sadie…

Suspicious after witnessing Chelsea’s interaction with Terese, Remi puts the pieces together when she comes across a napkin on which Chelsea has practiced signing ’Mrs Chelsea Robinson’. When Chelsea and Cara return home, Remi lays out her claim that Chelsea is in town to shamelessly gold-dig. Cornered, Chelsea deflects Remi, ‘accidentally’ revealing that Cara has lent her money. Remi is shocked to learn that Cara hasn’t told her that she has bailed Chelsea out, and an argument ensues between the wives.

Melanie continues to talk up her new ‘romance’ with Santo when in earshot of Terese and Toadie. As Karl and Holly support her in preparation for her ‘second date’, Melanie feels guilty about her subterfuge but decides to keep quiet when she is reminded of how close Karl and Toadie are. While an emotional Melanie whiles away time by herself on her ‘date’, Terese admits to Toadie and Karl that knowing Melanie has some happiness in her life releases some of the guilt she feels about her happiness with Toadie.

Later,Terese is startled to find Santo on a date with Vera Punt and is further troubled to learn that Vera is unaware that Santo is seeing Melanie. The next morning, Terese runs into Melanie and probes her on her romance with Santo. Melanie dials up the pretence, claiming they’re exclusive already and she can already tell they’re ‘meant to be’.

After weighing things up, Terese decides it’s better if Melanie is focused on Santo, and she does not say a word about Santo dating other women.


Nicolette is looking forward to the upcoming trip, a chance to get away without having to worry about the ongoing threat that Veronica poses. But she’s surprised when Sasha turns up, hoping to pursue the promise of a relationship Nicolette previously tempted him with…

When Terese witnesses Melanie’s apparent happiness over her new relationship with Santo, she’s torn about whether to interfere and reveal the truth that Santo is also dating Vera. She eventually confesses to Toadie, but his reaction is not what Terese expected at all, complicating things even further. David softens a little towards Paul, organically calling him ‘Dad’ for the first time in as long as Paul can remember. David is oblivious but Paul savours the moment and he’s hopeful that reconciliation with his
son is a tiny step closer.


After a day together, Chelsea finally gets Paul alone for their date. She lays the charm on thick but finds herself foiled when a work emergency pulls him away. Frustrated, she later lashes out at Cara and Remi’s marriage, referring to it as settling. Hurt, Cara finally decides it’s time for her sister to head back to the Gold Coast. With Remi’s support, she faces her big sister and makes a stand, determined to put her own family and relationship first.

Chelsea’s down, but not out, and when another run-in with Paul is snatched away, she decides to make her luck happen herself. Paul is startled when he arrives at a hotel room following a customer complaint, to find it’s Chelsea. Declaring she doesn’t like waiting for what she wants, she pulls him in for a kiss, and things quickly heat up – it
seems Chelsea’s big move has paid off.

David, Aaron, Nicolette, Leo and Krista all head off for their beach house getaway. Spirits are high as they arrive and begin to relax, none of them aware there’s an uninvited guest – Veronica. The two couples head off for a walk before dinner, leaving an unwitting Nicolette at Veronica’s mercy. When Veronica reveals herself and confronts her, Nicolette must work to frantically talk her down.

Veronica’s certain, after spotting Sasha with Nicolette, that they must be seeing each other romantically and that he’s on the trip with her. Backed into a corner, Nicolette calls Sasha, proving to her that she can’t hear the phone ringing and he’s not in the house. Will it be enough to convince her?

Meanwhile, Leo and Krista’s walk is interrupted by their own terrifying surprise.


Aaron and Leo reach the injured men at the bottom of the embankment, relieved to find both alive.

Back in Erinsborough, Paul is contentedly curled in bed with Chelsea. Meanwhile, Andrew and Wendy are over for dinner with Terese and Toadie, when Jane arrives, distressed. She passes on some awful news that rocks them all…

As the shock of what’s happened reverberates, Toadie grows uncomfortable when all Terese wants to do is be by Paul’s side. What happens on this day shocks the entire Erinsborough community, and none of our neighbours will ever be the same.

Neighbours streaming from 7.30am, Monday to Thursday, on Freevee UK

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