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Pick of the Plots: Thursday 1st February

Pick of the Plots

Pick of the Plots: Thursday 1st February

Pick of the Plots: Thursday 1st February

Your Pick of the Plots for Thursday, February 1.

Suki, Kathy, and Stacey are in the audience as psychic Madame Tellerina performs at The Vic. They panic when a bedraggled Denise appears and agrees to participate in the show.

Later, at home, Denise’s grip on reality slips even further.

Meanwhile, Linda is shaken to receive a text from Alfie asking to talk about what she said. Linda twists the truth to put Alfie off the scent.

Elsewhere, Kat is displeased when Phil gives her a monetary gift. Still struggling to forgive him, she returns it.

Also, Amy is annoyed when Denzel is so engrossed by a fitness influencer’s videos that he neglects her.

EastEnders, BBC One, tonight at 7.30pm or watch on BBC iPlayer now

Nicola and Jimmy head off with Angelica.

As they leave, they see Brenda and Bob, who are delighted that the charges against Cathy have been dropped.

Meanwhile, Moira tries to help.

Elsewhere, a slight charge between Sam and Lydia leaves them both surprised.

Emmerdale, ITV1, tonight at 7.30pm

Felix and Mercedes believe Warren doesn’t blame Felix for Ella’s death. Norma is getting impatient waiting for Felix to get what is coming to him.

Later, Warren and Felix get ready to go on a fishing trip.

Meanwhile, Darren voices his concerns that Phoenix won’t be able to cope in London. His family think that he is being selfish.

Later, Oscar gets Darren to open up about his true feelings on Pheonix moving to London. Pheonix overhears.

Elsewhere after snapping at Sienna, Ste goes to apologise to his best friend. He tells her he’ll ask James to help track down Rafe.

Hollyoaks, E4, tonight at 7pm

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