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Tips for a safer bathroom

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Tips for a safer bathroom

In the UK, one in every three adults over the age of 65 experiences a fall every year…

A serious issue that can in many cases be avoided. With that in mind, ATV Today Lifestyle has some advice from the Managing Director of SureSafe, Daniel Westhead. Here Daniel brings expert tips that can help prevent these accidents from happening.

1. Digital Shower Thermometer

Consider purchasing a digital shower thermometer to help your elderly loved ones reach the right temperature in their shower without risking burns to their sensitive skin. Daniel says, “The ideal temperature for the elderly to shower in is 38 °C to 43 °C, but finding that temperature can be difficult for them. A digital shower thermometer can help guide them to the right one.”

2. Adjustable Toilet Height

Tailor the bathroom to individual needs by adjusting the height of the toilet. The right size can make the difference between safely sitting down and accidentally falling. Westhead highlights, “Customising the toilet height is a thoughtful touch. It enhances the overall comfort and accessibility of the bathroom.”

3. Assistive Devices

Westhead suggests additional tools like a long-handled sponge for showering without bending and a shoe horn and sock aid for dressing without strain. He adds, “These accessories are invaluable and can significantly enhance independence.”

4. Grab Bars for Stability

Install grab bars strategically around the toilet, tub, and shower to provide the elderly with a sturdy grip. Westhead emphasises, “Grab bars are like silent guardians in the bathroom. They offer a sturdy grip when needed the most, giving elderly the confidence to move around independently.”

5. Hand-Held Shower Head

Opt for a hand-held shower head to enhance safety and convenience during bathing. Westhead suggests this modification for its benefits, stating, “A hand-held shower head gives elderly greater control during their shower, allowing them to reach difficult areas without unnecessary bending or strain.”

6. Bath Bench for Tub or Shower Use

For those who struggle with prolonged standing, Westhead recommends a bath bench. He notes, “A bath bench is a game-changer, offering a stable seat for the elderly to relax and enjoy their shower without the fear of slipping or losing balance.”

7. Evening Out Floor Transitions

Address uneven floor transitions or steps around the shower area to eliminate tripping hazards. Westhead advises, “Smooth transitions are key. By evening out any floor irregularities, we create a seamless and safe environment for the elderly to navigate.”

8. Wheelchair Accessible Sink Space

Consider wheelchair users by ensuring adequate space under the sink. Westhead stresses, “Wheelchair accessibility shouldn’t be overlooked. Providing ample space under the sink promotes independence and ease of use.”

9. Non Slip Surfaces

Consider getting non-slip surfaces in the entire bathroom, not just the shower. The bathroom is an area with lots of humidity and moisture and we want to ensure we have options that can help prevent any falls.

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