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Warp Films head into ‘new production era’


Warp Films head into ‘new production era’

Warp Films, a proud member of the Channel 4 Indie Growth Fund, is poised for an exciting evolution as it announces key changes in its leadership team.

Warp Films will bring in a new era under the seasoned guidance of its executives. Warp Films’ primary focus is on the UK market while actively prioritising expansion into the European landscape. While remaining on the board of Directors, Peter Carlton is set to assume a pivotal position as Senior Executive Producer, bringing his wealth of experience to focus on an exciting slate of projects with an emphasis on co-production.

Among these ventures is Costa Armonia, a horror series set in an AI-controlled wellness retreat in the Peloponnese, a co-production with Neda Films (Greece), co-created by Carlton and leading Greek director Lefteris Charitos (Wild Bees; The Witch).

Also, the much-anticipated S.O.L., a darkly-funny thriller about an egotistical philanthropist who tries to save the world through geoengineering but nearly destroys it by starting world war. A collaboration between Warp Films in the United Kingdom, TV4 and Rainy Days in Sweden, this project has been selected for the prestigious Berlinale Series Co Production Market and promises to captivate audiences with its unique narrative.

Mark Herbert, will continue as Founder and Chief Executive Officer, ensuring the company remains at the forefront of the ever-evolving entertainment landscape. The rest of the Board – Emily Feller as Chief Creative Officer, Niall Shamma as Chief Operating Officer and Peter Balm as Commercial Director – will continue to steer the day to day running of the company in line with the Creative and Commercial strategies.

Peter Carlton:

“Warp has a strong local identity whilst always telling global stories. As co-production is a vital and expanding part of the market, we have the opportunity to build on our existing  network of European talent and partners to tell authentic and ambitious stories for the international  market.”

“I’m delighted to focus on my first love of storytelling in new territories, knowing Warp’s future  management is in the brilliantly capable hands of Mark, Emily, Niall and Peter Balm.”

In the upcoming months, Warp Films is set to unveil a series of announcements around new development deals with a European slant as production kicks off on several greenlit projects. Notably, an eagerly anticipated collaboration with Stephen Graham’s Matriarch Productions, co-owned with his actress-producer wife, Hannah Walters.

As Warp Films enters this transformative chapter, the company remains, it states, ‘dedicated to its core values, continuing to support and invest in the very best of creative talent, sharing international stories across film and television with a very British perspective which are bold, authentic, maverick, and rebellious, but always laced with integrity.’

Mark Herbert:

“Peter and I have been working together at Warp for over a decade, serving as Joint CEOs. Throughout this time, we’ve built a strong partnership filled with shared successes and  memorable experiences. Peter’s outstanding contributions, particularly in producing award-winning series like The Last Panthers and Little Birds, speak to his talent and dedication. I have no doubt that he will continue to excel in his new role.

“We’ve been actively developing and expanding our leadership team and this move is a significant step toward enhancing our capabilities for the next chapter. I have full confidence in the team that surrounds me, it’s an exciting time for all of us.”

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