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Rakuten TV launches ‘FAST channel Freitag Nacht News’ on Amazon Freevee


Rakuten TV launches ‘FAST channel Freitag Nacht News’ on Amazon Freevee

This week Rakuten TV announced the launch of the FAST channel Freitag Nacht News on Amazon Freevee in Germany.

The launch reinforces the vast distribution coverage of Rakuten TV’s FAST channels across Europe. In addition to Amazon Freevee, Freitag Nacht News is also available on Rakuten TV in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The new FAST channel Freitag Nacht News (‘Friday Night News’) is a single-IP comedy channel and will feature an array of programming and sketches framed as fictional news, presented by German comedians. The German language channel is based on the hugely popular primetime German adult comedy series of the same name that aired from 1999 to 2006. It will be scheduled and distributed by Rakuten TV, and it represents another successful collaboration between Rakuten TV and Tiberius Film.

Andreas Oberle, Head of Digital Distribution at Tiberius Film:

“We are looking forward to strengthening our successful partnership with Rakuten TV, bringing the beloved classic German Comedy show, Freitag Nacht News to the FAST world.”

The latest offering continues to build on the platform’s ongoing strategy to strengthen its local content offering of FAST and free, working in partnership with leading content creators, reinforcing its position as a platform that offers both premium content via TVOD, AVOD & FAST, but also as a channel programmer, by packaging and curating the best and most relevant content for each market across all Europe.

Marcos Milanez, Chief Content Officer at Rakuten TV:

“The launch of Freitag Nacht News on Amazon Freevee is a big milestone for Rakuten TV, as our first deal to provide exceptional entertainment content with the service by leveraging the expertise we developed in the FAST scenario. Rakuten TV has established itself at the forefront of the FAST movement in Europe, and this new development marks the beginning of exciting new opportunities for growth, where we can provide further distribution opportunities for our content partners.”

Freitag Nacht News is available now on Amazon Freevee and Rakuten TV.

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