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Cost of Love: Many overspend on Valentine’s to impress


Cost of Love: Many overspend on Valentine’s to impress

Valentine’s Day can be an expensive time for those loved up…

Zinklar findings have unveiled insights into celebration trends, spending habits, and nuanced preferences across diverse age groups and genders. An overwhelming 80.7% of respondents are gearing up to celebrate Valentine’s Day, with women taking the lead in enthusiasm (79.0% men, 82.9% women). The passion for love extends across generations, with young adults (16-24) and middle-aged individuals (35-44) showcasing heightened interest at 88.6%.

For those opting out, reasons vary – 50.0% of singles cite their relationship status, while 22.2% find Valentine’s Day too commercialised, particularly in the 45-54 age group. The 16-24 age group leans towards minimal interest in holidays at 16.7%. A significant 56.0% plan to keep it simple, spending less than £100. However, women shine in the higher spending brackets, with 28.3% planning to invest between £100-£500.

Classic choices like chocolates (31.0%) and dining out (28.3%) dominate, but jewellery (13.8%) gains traction, especially among women. Surprisingly, young adults (16-24) show a higher inclination towards adventurous gifts like sex toys (17.4%). Supermarkets (55.2%) emerge as the preferred destination for chocolate purchases, with intriguing age-related variations. Young adults (16-24) prefer the convenience of online purchases (14.3%).

Overall, respondents rate the importance of celebrating Valentine’s Day moderately (7.48 out of 10). Notably, the 35-44 age group places slightly higher importance (7.48), while the 16-24 age group remains more indifferent (8.04).

A majority (58.5%) secretly expect a gift from their partner, a sentiment more pronounced in women (62.8%). Relationship status varies, with singles at 19.5%, committed relationships at 28.0%, and married individuals at 32.0%.

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