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Olivia Atwood-Dack talks cosmetic procedures

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Olivia Atwood-Dack talks cosmetic procedures

Today on Good Morning Britain, former Love Island star turned Loose Women panellist, Olivia Atwood-Dack joined hosts Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley to discuss her cosmetic journey, finding fame after Love Island and her new podcast ‘So Wrong It’s Right’.

Discussing her own experiences with cosmetic procedures, she said: “I lean into my own experiences in the doc and I talk about the fact that I did a breast augmentation when I was very young. I went too big and I was ill-advised and I had to kind of re-do that further down the road. Then I have just done the injectables stuff on the face. Some of the injectable things that I did, maybe earlier on around Love Island time, were not done by the best people. I didn’t have the best taste.” 

She continued: “As a young woman at that time, I was unhappy with what I was naturally given. I think that’s a thing that a lot of women relate to and especially at that time, the fashions and the pressures, I felt that having a fuller chest would make me feel more feminine, which it did at the time. At this age now ironically, and I’m doing the documentary about plastic surgery, I now think the way I look is the least interesting thing about myself. Whereas when I was younger, it was the most important thing. I think that comes as well with age and confidence.”

Responding to Richard asking if Olivia had grown up wanting to be famous, she said: “Hmm no. I didn’t know what I wanted to do if I’m honest, Richard, for a long time. I talk about it quite openly and it’s something that I will probably go into in the pod. Pre Love Island, I was modelling, I was doing odd jobs and I was just drifting. I had no idea what I wanted to do and I just couldn’t believe all these people around me had found things they loved to do and they were passionate about. And I was like what was wrong with me that I don’t have this thing that I was passionate about and good at.”

On what drove her to do Love Island, she said: “It was something. Series 2, people had become known but not the levels of fame that you saw in later series. I had another breakup with a boyfriend, I turned down series 2 and watched Series 2 on TV and thought ‘I should have done that’. And then when series 3 came back around I said ‘I’m going to do it’ but I was really nervous. My mum actually had to convince me to go for it. She was like ‘you need a change’.” 

On whether fame is what she expected: “I don’t think of myself as famous. I think Mariah Carey is famous but I guess in certain circles I am known. I enjoy the telly side of work, I enjoy documentary making and I enjoy being on Loose Women. I am learning so much everyday and I feel like I have found something that I am okay at and I just love it.” 

Speaking about her new podcast which launches today called ‘So Wrong it’s Right’, Olivia said: “Throughout the series I am going to be sharing stories with my family, friends and experts. It’s going to be girl chat, boy chat, everything. My advice will be tongue and cheek, I am not a professional to be giving out advice but I will have experts on the pod who will be able to give people amazing actionable nuggets.” 

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