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Shuaghna Phillips and Carla Bellucci debate returning used clothes

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Shuaghna Phillips and Carla Bellucci debate returning used clothes

This morning on Good Morning Britain, hosts Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley reacted to the viral videos which show Kim Kardashian attending the Balenciaga Fashion Show with her tag still hanging from the back of her dress.

Joined in the studio by former Love Island star Shaughna Phillips and blogger Carla Bellucci, the influencer duo debated whether it’s okay to keep tags on your clothes with the idea of returning them after they’ve been worn.

Arguing that it is ‘perfectly fine’ to return worn clothing, Carla Bellucci revealed: “I am guilty of it. I am just going to be straight up, I have done it. Especially if I am going to wear something for literally an hour or it’s something that I don’t really need – I will just put it on and return it. Not on things that are more personal hygiene but if it is like a blazer or a jacket, yes I will return it.” 

She added: “What I tend to do is, I don’t really tend to get the money back but I go and exchange it for another item.” 

Shaughna Phillips then revealed that she still has her ‘tags on her clothes today’, as Susanna joked: “Hang on you’re supposed to be arguing the case against!” 

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Shaughna responded: “No they will come off. I woke up late and I couldn’t get them off. However, I won’t be returning this so don’t worry.”

She continued: “I have worked in retail. I worked in retail for 5 years and the arguments I have had to have with people who have tried to return things and yet they smell of body odour, they smell of perfume, they have make-up… And we had repeat offenders Richard. So we could see them coming in and would think ‘Oh, no’ waiting for the argument.” 

Responding to Shaughna asking how she tries to return items, Carla said: “As I said, for me it’s more blazers and things. It’s not things that are really tight hugging or anything like that because of the hygiene side of it. But, if it’s just something like a dress or something that I have just worn for a photo-shoot for 5 minutes, I mean come on.” 

Richard revealed that 83% of viewers said it is wrong to return clothes after wearing them with Shaughna concluding: “I just think it’s sort of like a social media thing now where people think once they’ve worn something, and they’ve been seen in it, or it’s on social media then it’s tainted and you can’t wear it again.” 

Throwing forward to Lorraine, Lorraine Kelly said: “Do bear in mind these days that you can actually rent clothes. Very very inexpensive and then obviously you take them back of course.” 

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