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What do Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and Bear Grylls have in common?


What do Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and Bear Grylls have in common?

Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and adventurer Bear Grylls top the list dominated by accomplished motorists and action stars…

The findings were released as part of a wider survey exploring the habits of UK motorists regarding basic car maintenance conducted to launch the new season of Car S.O.S on National Geographic which returned to screens on the 7th March.

Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and adventurer Bear Grylls have topped a new study conducted by National Geographic revealing the nation’s preferred celebrity companions during car breakdowns, providing a fascinating insight into motorists’ preferences during unexpected roadside situations.

The top 10 list, dominated by both accomplished motorists and action stars, includes other notable figures such as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Tom Cruise, and Jason Statham, reflecting admiration for driving prowess and confidence in handling challenging situations. Additionally, actor Daniel Craig, Formula 1 legend Jackie Stewart, and Hollywood star Vin Diesel round off the list.

Tim Shaw, presenter of Car S.O.S:

“Keeping Lewis Hamilton handy to change a tyre probably wouldn’t hurt, either – although he usually has a team of experts to do his in a matter of seconds!”

The top 10 list complements other findings in the survey to mark the launch of the new season of Car S.O.S on National Geographic every Thursday at 8pm and explores the habits of UK motorists regarding basic car maintenance. Conducted among 2,000 drivers, the survey offers intriguing insights into drivers’ preparedness and attitudes towards vehicle upkeep.

A significant portion of drivers, as revealed by the study, lack essential knowledge and confidence when it comes to basic car maintenance tasks. Four in 10 drivers admitted to having no idea how to change a wheel, with an additional 11 per cent unsure of the location of their spare tyre. Additionally, 36 per cent wouldn’t know how to use an inflation kit, while half expressed reluctance to attempt jacking up their vehicle for a tyre change.

Despite these findings, the study shed light on drivers’ resourcefulness in dealing with breakdowns, with 55 per cent likely to call roadside assistance and 25 per cent willing to try changing a tyre themselves. However, lack of knowledge and fear of incorrectly completing the task were identified as primary barriers to DIY maintenance. Further insights from the study revealed gaps in knowledge about checking brake fluid levels and indicator bulbs, indicating a need for greater awareness among drivers regarding basic car maintenance.

Fuzz Townshend, Master Mechanic on National Geographic’s Car S.O.S:

“The research has shown varying levels of confidence when it comes to everyday motoring upkeep. The plus side of increased quality of tyres, and more stringent safety measures, is that they don’t tend to fail anything like as often as they did in decades gone by. But a consequence of that is people being less confident, and less knowledgeable, about changing their tyres and other potentially lifesaving bits of car DIY.”

In the brand-new twelfth series of Car S.O.S, National Geographic’s acclaimed car restoration show with a heart, Tim Shaw and Fuzz Townshend continue their mission to seek out and rescue classic cars for deserving owners. Each new episode features a unique, heart-warming, and inspiring story about an owner who truly deserves to have their cherished car restored to its prime condition.

Tim and Fuzz are helped along the way by some celebrity guests, including National Treasure Sir David Jason and Simply Red singing legend Mick Hucknall, who are both making cameo appearances.

Top 10 Celebrities Motorists Would Most Want with Them During a Breakdown:

1. Lewis Hamilton

2. Jenson Button

3. Bear Grylls

4. Damon Hill

5. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

6. Jason Statham

7. Daniel Craig

8. Tom Cruise

9. Jackie Stewart

10. Vin Diesel

The new season of Car S.O.S airs on National Geographic every Thursday from 8pm

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