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Cash faces a demotion in Home and Away

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Cash faces a demotion in Home and Away

This week in Summer Bay…


Tane’s attempt to kiss Harper caught her completely off guard, and despite being one of her only friends in the Bay, Harper feels it’s necessary to ask for space. Dana finds the situation amusing and shows no sympathy for her sister being kissed by the hot personal trainer. However, Harper only sees the damage this move did to their friendship and has no interest in being another rebound for Tane. Tane confides in Cash the shame he feels that the fallout of his failed marriage may have permanently damaged his closeness with Harper. He isn’t sure how to fix it, so for now at least, he apologises. He passes her the details for a new personal trainer and agrees it’s time for some space.

Remi has regained consciousness but is writhing in pain. Bree is convinced he should still be in ICU, particularly as they’re unable to give him any more medication to manage it. Levi is called back in to examine him but believes the level of pain he is feeling is normal considering the intense surgery. This leads Bree and Eden to question Levi’s choice to undertake such a horrific operation on Remi. While Bree firmly believes Levi has made the wrong decision, Eden’s position is swayed by Levi’s explanation. He is firm – if he hadn’t gone through with it, Remi would not have lived. Eden and Levi share some lunch, but Bree remains hovering over Remi’s hospital bed. She obsesses over every surface. She will not allow his condition to be worsened by an infection.

Marilyn receives a call from Leah who is leaving the clinic and returning to Summer Bay. But Leah doesn’t want Justin to know. In fact, she doesn’t even want to return to her own home yet and has instead asked to come stay with Marilyn at Alf’s place. Marilyn swears Alf to silence, but he’s conflicted at keeping such heavy news from his mate.


Fresh from a surf, Kirby visits Remi in his hospital ward. However, she is intercepted by a sharp and cold Bree. Bree is unwilling to take risks on Remi’s health and convinces Kirby it will be safer for him if she double-backs. A groggy Remi wakes, but he’s unable to piece together the details of the events leading up to his accident. Meanwhile, Justin convinces Kirby that visiting Remi is important, so she tries visiting again, this time with magazines and chocolate. Fuming, Bree pulls Kirby aside and demands that she follow her instructions. Remi witnesses the whole debacle and presses Bree, but she is unmoved. She justifies her actions, pointing out that she saw him pressing his pain medication the whole time Kirby was there.

Leah arrives to stay with Alf and Marilyn. Although they’re excited it will be just like old times, Alf admits that he let Justin know Leah is here. Leah is upset at first but relents – Justin and Theo were going to find out eventually. Leah shares her reasoning with Alf as to why she can’t return home to them: she pulled a knife on the man she loves. She might never get over that. However, with Alf’s gentle encouragement, Leah reaches out to Theo.

She explains that although she’s not ready to see Justin, she’s made great progress thanks to her time at the clinic. Theo updates Justin. This, however, only fuels his determination to see Leah, and he turns up on Alf’s doorstep. Leah reluctantly permits him entry but tries to stress the gravity of her mental state. She had a psychotic break, and she’s scared that she could hurt him again.

Harper is still navigating around her friendship with Tane after he kissed her. Watching him finish training a boot camp class, she strategically makes her approach. She wants their friendship to endure, and they agree that perhaps pretending nothing ever happened may be the best path forward.


Doctor Levi’s time in Summer Bay is coming to an end, and he is on the phone with someone called ‘Imogen’. He lets her know that he’ll be coming home soon. Privately, however, there is something holding him back. He returns to the hospital and gives Mackenzie the green light to go home. Unsatisfied, however, Mackenzie invites him to her home, wanting to talk about their relationship. Levi relents. He explains that he has professional boundaries and cannot let what happened between them happen again. Despite this, the passion between them is undeniable, and the pair finally give in to their feelings. The romance is short-lived, as Mali witnesses the scene and escorts Levi off the property. He accuses Levi of taking advantage of his patient. But Mackenzie defends him: She initiated it. She’s not even his patient anymore. And Mali was out of line to act on her behalf.

Justin and Leah continue their difficult conversation. Justin’s plea for her to return home backfires. Leah retreats upstairs, and calls Alf and Marilyn home to encourage Justin to go. Alf escorts Justin out but offers to hear him out over a drink. Justin opens up about his unstable state. He’s caught in a cycle of not-knowing and Alf is sympathetic. Alf goes home to share his concerns with Leah, and she decides to act. She arrives at Salt to join Justin and is brutally honest. Yes, she does want to fix their relationship, but until she’s better, there is no ‘us’. She needs space. She needs to do this on her own. Satisfied he knows there is a future for them – eventually – Justin is more than willing to make that happen.

Once Leah is settled in bed for the night, Alf updates Marilyn with his own problems over the Surf Club management. Another secretary has just resigned. Marilyn is confused, but Alf explains. That is now a total of four, which means there’s no longer a quorum. That means there’s no management… and no more Surf Club.


John runs a tight ship when it comes to the bronze medallion course. Although Dana is making great progress, Banjo is the student receiving the most praise. John’s making certain there’s no chance of another stir like the one that cost him his job. However, it might already be too late. Alf reports that they lost another committee member last night, and they need to get to the bottom of what is happening before the Surf Club collapses. Dana overhears the news. She interrogates Banjo about him witnessing his father (Simon Henderson) handing wads of cash out to committee members. Under Roo’s guidance, they go to the police station, where Rose sends for Banjo. Despite his upset at Dana going against his wishes, Banjo confirms what he witnessed. Rose reports back to Alf, Roo, and John after she has spoken with the committee members in question, each of whom admitted to receiving cash in exchange for their resignation. Rose prepares to call Simon Henderson himself. And the others agree: he needs to be held responsible for what he’s done.

Mackenzie is sick of Mali interfering with her love life after getting intimate with her Doctor (Levi). She calls Felicity and Eden, who arrive with plenty of food and drink, and dismisses Mali so they can enjoy a “girls’ day”. During their social afternoon, Mackenzie privately loses hope that she has a future with Levi: he is tightly bound to his hot-shot team in the city, and it would need to be something pretty special to get him to leave.

Felicity is aware she’s in the house where her now ex-husband (Tane) is staying, but she’s moving on and is ready to focus on what’s next. Eden agrees wholeheartedly. Felicity, when are you going to get out there and start dating again? Once the girls have left, Mali returns, and is greeted by a much calmer Mackenzie. She appreciates that he wants to have her back, but she needs to be free to make her own decisions. Mali agrees to be her friend and stop trying to be her councillor.


Rose decides to confront Simon Henderson about his involvement with the Surf Club committee members who have handed in their notice. However, both Alf and John are a little concerned it could backfire. Sure enough, Simon hangs up on Rose the moment she mentions the resigning committee members. To make things worse, he informs Alf he’ll be withdrawing his entire sponsorship. That’s what happens when someone questions him! The remaining members of the committee are in peril, buoyed by Roo, who prepares the form to get her on as club secretary. It solves one problem, but finding a way forward is going to take a lot more than that for the sinking Surf Club.

Felicity complains that it’s too soon to think about dating again, despite Eden’s prompts to set up a dating app. Her determination wavers when a customer at Salt leaves his number on a napkin for her. With Xander’s encouragement, she builds up the courage to make the call, but she hangs up after one ring and almost has a panic attack. She admits to a supportive Xander that she thought she was doing better, but it’s clear she’s not OK. It turns out that moving on is more than just putting a couple of rings back in a box.

Cash returns from his suspension review. Although he’s not sure yet how fast they will make a decision, he knows it will take as long as it takes. He and Eden get some fresh air, but they’re interrupted by Kirby on a quest to restore Remi’s bike. Kirby remains hopeful that if Remi could be put back together, his bike could too, and Cash guides her to chase Rose to help make it happen. Late in the evening, Cash finally gets a call from the station with an update. It’s good news and bad news: he can have his job back – with a demotion and restricted duties. Deeply wounded, he tells them to shove it. Has Cash really left the police?

Home and Away airs 1:45pm on Channel 5 and 6pm on 5STAR. First-look screenings air at 6:30pm on 5STAR and the series also streams on My5. 

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