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On this Day 1981: ‘A nuclear shelter for 400 people’

On this Day

On this Day 1981: ‘A nuclear shelter for 400 people’

OTD, March 11th, 1981…

John Mitchell reported from Morcott in Rutland, where Stronghold Engineering and Construction were converting a disused railway tunnel into a nuclear shelter for 400 people. Councillor Brenda Lemon explained that people will buy space in the shelter for about £2000 each.

The London & North Western Railway opened the line and tunnels on 2nd June 1851, the railway closed on 6th June 1966. The nuclear plans were one of 49 former railway tunnels offered for conversion to nuclear protection by British Rail across the UK. The plans were eventually dropped and the Morcott tunnels remain standing in 2024, but still unused.

Also, Terry Lloyd reported from the Bulls Head in Monyash, Derbyshire as the landlord, Decio Tettanni, explained that the police had given him a device for early warning if the Russians attacked. He is supposed to warn the villagers, but he has no instructions on how the machine works.

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