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Pick of the Plots: Wednesday 13th March

Pick of the Plots

Pick of the Plots: Wednesday 13th March

Your Pick of the Plots for Wednesday, March 13.

Elaine is worried sick about George following the trial.

Cindy joins forces with Elaine to try to make George calm down, for the girls’ sake but the arrival of a visitor at The Vic changes everything.

Meanwhile, Stacey thinks on her feet to give Jack a convincing cover story as to why she’s with Denise. Jack is hurt when Denise turns him away.

During a talk with Dr Abe, Denise explains that she feels safe in the hospital and wants to stay.

Elsewhere, Yolande speaks to the prayer group, requesting donations for the charity auction. She is pleased with the response, but her mood quickly changes when she learns from Agatha, a fellow church-goer, that there are rumours circulating about her relationship with Pastor Clayton.

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Bobby and Max have spent the night watching the police activity at Lauren’s flat. When Bethany and Daniel call round at No.8 to ask about Lauren, Max quizzes Daniel about his tutor sessions. Realising the dates don’t stack up, Max eyes Daniel with suspicion.

Max heads to the police station to inform DS Swain about Lauren’s O-Vidz account, only to discover that Ryan has already informed her. DS Swain questions Max about Lauren’s secret boyfriend and he shares his suspicions that it was Daniel.

DS Swain quizzes Daniel about his relationship with Lauren, suggesting that she paid for her lessons with sex. Daniel demands to see a solicitor, realising he is under suspicion.

Bethany and Daniel listen in horror to a radio interview with DS Swain in which she suggests that Lauren was murdered.

Meanwhile, Hope, Sam and Eliza manage to track down Dom to the Chariot Square Hotel. Eliza takes him back to Speed Daal where she announces that she would like to move to Germany with him.

Elsewhere, Leanne and Simon get ready to leave for court, but Nick says he’s too busy to join them. Simon’s disappointed and Leanne shoots him a filthy look.

Also, Amy meets up with Tracy for lunch in the Bistro, but she’s unimpressed to discover Tommy there too. When Tracy explains that she thought it would be nice for them to get to know each other, Amy scowls and orders the most expensive champagne.

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After a long chat, Chas finally opens up to a supportive Paddy about her concerns surrounding her operation. Paddy lovingly comforts Chas as she fears the worst.

Swept up in the familiarity of the situation, the pair begin to kiss before Paddy realises he has made a huge mistake.

Later, Mandy is shellshocked when Paddy reveals he kissed Chas.

Meanwhile, Angel says goodbye to her family and Bob manages a word of consolation. Later, Angel, Nicola and Jimmy are devastated when the judge sentences Angel to eight months in a secure children’s home.

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