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Unconventional Car Competitions


Unconventional Car Competitions

The International Drivers Association has taken a look at the five UK cities with unusual car contests…

Imagine the thrill of wheels spinning on the tarmac, an audience on the edge of their seats, and competitors battling against both time and one another. Welcome to the intriguing world of unconventional car competitions across British cities.

Beware: it’s not for the faint-hearted.

1 – Birmingham: A Hub for Varied Car Races

Number one on our list is the UK’s best city for drivers – Birmingham. The crown jewel of this reputation is the Birmingham Wheels Raceway: a 402-metre oval track that’s the architectural equivalent of a speed junkie’s dream come true.

With dazzling fixtures like stock car racing, banger racing, and hot rod racing, this city brings the heat to car racing enthusiasts. Dominic Wyatt, an International Drivers Association Motoring Expert, details how Birmingham’s roots in car manufacturing created a robust racing culture that brings a distinct character to these competitions.

2 – Glasgow: Where Modification Reaches Its Pinnacle

The Scottish city of Glasgow occupies the second spot in the list of driver-friendly cities. It’s synonymous with one of the UK’s most renowned motoring events – the Scottish Car Show. From modified cars to classic cars, supercars to stunt shows, this event is a vehicular spectacle that leaves attendees in awe year after year.

Glasgow also takes drifting to an otherworldly level. At the city’s Driftland event, participants hurtle across the UK’s only dedicated drift track, testing their skills to the limit.

3 – Liverpool: A City Embracing Speed and Equestrian Sports

Ranked third as the most driver-friendly, Liverpool surprises with a unique twist on car competitions. The Liverpool Motor Club Speed Championship offers the opportunity to test your mettle in sprint and hill climb events.

Then, there was the unexpected: the Liverpool International Horse Show. This standout event combines equestrian and motorbike stunts, capped off with a one-of-a-kind car vs. horse challenge.

4 – Leeds: A Tribute to Classic Cars and Transport

Leeds, is a celebration of vintage. The Leeds Classic Car Show acts as a glorious showcase for vintage cars, motorcycles, and buses.

For those who celebrate locomotive history, the Leeds Festival of Transport is a dream come true – classic cars, trucks, buses, military vehicles, and steam engines fill the roster. It’s a passionate homage to Yorkshire’s historically rich automotive and industrial heritage.

5 – Belfast: Celebrating the Fast, Furious and Customised

Belfast is the city where car enthusiasts go to witness technological advancements in motoring. The Belfast Motor Show reveals to the public new cars, supercars, rally cars, and motocross bikes.

Additionally, the Belfast Custom and Classic Car Show introduces a unique perspective to car shows by featuring customized cars, hot rods, and American muscle cars.

These five UK cities are revving their engines in the race to host the most thrilling and unique car competitions. Fellow motor enthusiasts! It’s time to feed your need for speed, witness automotive history, and immerse yourself in the dazzling spectacle these car events offer.

Just remember, in the words of Dominic Wyatt, “Driving is not just about the destination, but the journey. And with these competitions, the journey is only getting started.” So buckle up and take the wheel – there’s a lot of exciting territory to explore.

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