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Andi Oliver brings ‘Fabulous Feasts’ to BBC Two

Andi Oliver tastes local Valleys produce (Image: BBC/South Shore Productions)


Andi Oliver brings ‘Fabulous Feasts’ to BBC Two

This new series sees the renowned chef and restauranteur bring her party organising skills to towns and cities across the UK…

Each episode sees Andi Oliver galvanizing communities with her unwavering belief in the power of delicious food, good vibes and great music to bring people together and lift the soul.

Andi Oliver:

“This new series is all about feeling good and remembering why people are great. We have been travelling up and down the country meeting the most extraordinary human beings who are working on a real human level. That’s why I have been having such a good time, it’s been really amazing!”

From her legendary warehouse parties back in the 80s to her ground-breaking pop-up restaurants, Andi Oliver is the ultimate party-starter. Now she’s coming to the aid of people up and down the country desperate to celebrate their towns and communities in the most joyful way possible.

Each episode will see Andi’s creative sparks fly, devising unique themed dishes to serve up on the big day. For inspiration, she’ll meet local chefs and suppliers, getting to grips with the regional produce and recipes that make the area special. But it’s not just food on Andi’s agenda. As a singer in the 80s punk band Rip Rig and Panic, Andi’s life has always been filled with music and art, so she’ll also be digging into local culture, discovering the brilliant performers and artists who’ll bring each event to life.

As her mission unfolds, Andi will unearth the personal stories and the rich social history that makes Britain’s towns, cities, and communities unique, feeding all she learns into her recipes and party plans. It’s a huge mission and Andi will need to draw on her seemingly inexhaustible well of determination and enthusiasm to get the job done, devising creative solutions on-the-fly and persuading as many locals as she can to throng to each event. But will she be able to make every party an unforgettable success?

Andi Olvier:

“Celebrating community, family, powerful human connection. All the things we need to remember about life right now. It’s about the many ways that we find to look after each other. The work that happens when no one is watching. It’s about real life everyday heroes, people who turn up for each other 7 days a week. You should watch it because it will make your heart fill up with joy.”

Andi Oliver’s Fabulous Feasts is on BBC iPlayer and BBC Two on Wednesday 27 March at 8pm.

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