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This week in Summer Bay, Erinsborough, Letherbridge and Shieldinch

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This week in Summer Bay, Erinsborough, Letherbridge and Shieldinch

The latest goings on in Home and Away, Neighbours, Doctors and River City…


Having told Justin that they can’t be together right now, Leah wastes no time enlisting a reluctant Theo to keep an eye on him. Justin, in return, bombards Theo with questions on Leah’s every move when they work together that day. He then sends Theo to the Diner for their lunch, clearly hoping that Leah will be there. After a concerned Marilyn confides her worry for him, Theo tells Leah he’s had enough – he can’t be involved in their relationship drama, and Justin is falling apart.

Cash is revelling in life after the force, but Eden is naturally worried that he’s given up his whole career on a whim. Rose is shocked too upon hearing her friend is no longer a cop, and it’s not long before she’s showing up at Cash’s doorstep – she can’t believe they’ve sacked him! When he explains his resignation and the reasons behind it, she’s even more aghast.

When Eden visits Remi in the hospital, she can’t help but notice Bree’s growing protectiveness – it’s like they need a security clearance whenever they visit him! Remi downplays it – he can’t take more than one visitor anyway. Bree takes a worrying phone call from her mum and although she covers her pain in front of Remi, she’s visibly distressed once he rests his eyes. Kirby catches her crying the following day and Bree opens up – her dad’s been in an accident and he’s on life support.

Dana can’t resist winding her sister up about her near-kiss with Tane, and Harper is forced to ask her to drop it – it’s making them both uncomfortable. As Dana jokingly swears to keep her own lips sealed, Felicity overhears a reference to the kiss and swiftly walks away. All too familiar with Felicity’s history of jealousy, Harper confronts the issue then and there and talks to Felicity honestly – it was one kiss after the fundraiser, and it meant nothing.

Reeling from the tense interaction, Harper is quick to warn Tane – Felicity knows about the kiss. He’s surprised to learn they’ve already discussed it, but not that Felicity seemed more hurt about the timing than the kiss itself – it had happened after a sweet moment of closure between them both. Tane knows he needs to do damage control, and quickly goes to Felicity’s to talk.

Roo and John are in damage control. She’s swindled a newspaper article in the hopes of garnering Surf Club donations, and he’s been searching for where to cut costs. Roo presents a rent increase, but John is staunchly against. Roo argues this is a business, but Alf doesn’t like her approach either. He’s been trying to keep a lid on things, not wanting to air the Surf Club’s dirty laundry. It’s not their problem, it’s his. The problem escalates when Roo receives an email that the Surf Club has just received a donation for $30,000.00. The exact amount that Henderson just pulled. And there’s no way to tell who it’s from. This is incredible news, albeit very suspicious.

Justin and Theo emerge from the surf and Justin’s eager to get to The Diner for a chance run-in with Leah. He’s disappointed by her absence and scopes Alf for intel. He explains that she’s doing better, spending a lot of time with her new friend Valerie. Grateful, Justin returns to help with Theo’s assignment, but he has already submitted it and Justin feels he should have been more supportive.

Home and Away airs 1:45pm on Channel 5 and 6pm on 5STAR. First-look screenings air at 6:30pm on 5STAR and the series also streams on My5. 


As Paul judges the Lie-In a huge success, Krista is left feeling empowered by his praise. Desperate to wrest back her power, Chelsea criticises Krista’s further ideas. This prompts a newly emboldened Krista to shut Chelsea down and say she’ll be working directly with Paul from now on. Chelsea feels further on the outer when Paul rewards Krista with flowers.

Meanwhile, Leo accepts Krista’s invitation to attend her baby’s ultrasound and is delighted seeing Krista’s confidence bloom, later briefly thanking Paul for acknowledging her. Off their small thaw, Paul sees that being kind to Krista is his path to Leo, and he gives Krista the opportunity to brief Lucy and the Lassiters International team on the Lie-In, leaving Chelsea completely on the sidelines.

Off the back of psyching out Slade, JJ approaches Felix for more self-defence advice. It hits Felix that JJ is emotionally relying on him and Felix withdraws, leaving JJ feeling let down. Later, when Felix reveals to Andrew that JJ was asking him for ‘street’ moves, the conversation quickly turns to Felix’s belief that he fits the ‘bad guy’ cliché, he’s the bad guy and Andrew’s the good guy. They talk honestly about their upbringing and Andrew struggles to process the effect his parents’ favouritism had on his brother. Sad, Andrew fully commits to helping his brother, unaware that Felix is teeing up buyers for the construction
materials he plans to steal.

As Paul organises a thoughtful gesture for Terese, Chelsea feels her hold slipping away. When she broaches with Paul that his solicitors suggested re-evaluating his will – including the provision for an ex-wife – Paul dismisses her concerns, leaving Chelsea feeling that Paul will never let Terese go.

Haz is stunned to learn that Harold’s has won a council business award. Although he’s warmed by Mackenzie’s gesture, he’s uncomfortable with the attention. Touched by Jane and Nicolette’s words of appreciation and gifts, Haz later allows himself to bask in the spotlight. On a celebratory picnic, Mackenzie and Haz finally trade their own cute versions of ‘I love you’.

Basking in the afterglow of saying their ‘I love you’s’, Haz and Mackenzie’s bliss is cut short when they find Harold’s completely trashed. Later, Haz is stunned when he finds his neighbours have pulled together to clean up the wreckage. Thanks to the Ramsay Street spirit, Haz is able to reopen Harold’s and is left deeply touched by the support of his community. Haz reels from being sent the video of him smashing up his own cafe, and turns into a quiet ball
of anxiety as he keeps the damning evidence to himself, even as a sympathetic Mackenzie and Byron continue to rally around him and offer help. When Mackenzie realises the potential windfall Haz will make from his good insurance cover, and the house discuss Haz’s brother, who many have described as ‘exactly like Haz’, lingering questions are raised. Did Haz do this as an insurance job? Or was the perpetrator not even Haz at all, but an identical twin brother…

Neighbours streaming from 7.30am, Monday to Thursday, on Freevee UK


Liv has a meeting with Mr Mayhew, which she’s not looking forward to. But she’s surprised to learn she isn’t in trouble – he just wants to check in with her and offer support. Rob is chuffed to find out Liv apologises to Mr Mayhew about the laptop incident. He tells Liv they’re going out for the evening. She’s initially excited until he tells her it’s a charity auction. Nevertheless, she has fun at the auction.

Bear is resting his voice, but Kirsty is worried he won’t recover back before the show. She makes him drink a disgusting-smelling concoction that she claims will help. Kirsty gets Sid to take a look at Bear’s throat, but he can’t find anything wrong. Luca manages to distract Kirsty when she thinks about getting him to fill in for Bear. At the theatre, Dave shows Kirsty his “busometer” to track the money they raise.

Sid, Al, Michelle, Scarlett, Rob and Liv arrive at the theatre for the auction. Kirsty checks on Bear who claims to be feeling better but sends someone a furtive text when she leaves. The gang check out the auction items and start to get excited. Sid gets a mystery text and has to rush off. Michelle and Scarlett realise Zara still hasn’t arrived and wonder where she’s got to. The auction starts
with great success. Al bids on Zara’s shoes to everyone’s amusement but loses out. Luca arrives, showing off his fancy tux. He swans off to try and charm some auction-goers into bidding for him. Michelle can’t believe Zara is missing this and tries calling but she doesn’t pick up.

Scarlett buzzes as she fills Nina and Zara in on the charity night. Luca enters to hear praise for his singing. Kirsty joins in praising Bear and Luca. She reminds Luca to arrange his ‘date’ with Martin. Suni enters, and it’s awkward between him and Scarlett after their breakup. Nina, Zara and Bear have a partners meeting. Bear tells them Scarlett needs to take some leave, but Nina tells
him to tread lightly as Suni has broken up with her. Later, Nina checks with Kirsty on how Scarlett’s doing. At Kirsty’s confusion, Nina tells her Suni broke up with Scarlett. Scarlett is in with Luca and wonders if he’s avoiding Kirsty.

Stew shows up at Rob’s house, where Liv greets him excitedly. He kisses her, then makes himself at home. As Liv sets the table, Stew grabs a beer from the fridge, then has a snoop. When Stew picks up a photo of Karen, Liv tries to shut down his rude remarks. Stew demands that she turn on some music and get him another beer. Rob, working the night shift, gets a call about loud music at his house. Rob goes home to find a mini party going on with Stew and Liv.

Liv is embarrassed. Rob clocks beers open on the table as Stew notes Rob as the ‘filth’. Rob gets angry and questions the teenage pair, also offering strong advice – which sees Stew leave.

Doctors, Monday to Thursday at 1.45 pm on BBC One and the iPlayer.


Conor dismisses Nicole’s concerns about the growing debts he has to a dodgy criminal gang. However, when Tyler deliberately underpays Conor, he knows all-too-well he’s in deep trouble. When the criminals come calling looking for their money, Conor takes refuge in the Tall Ship which is busy with a fundraising night in aid of Kim. Temptation comes calling after Conor sees Sonny make a sizeable donation to the event.

Later, when Caitlin discovers the money is missing, Nicole’s instantly suspicious of her wayward brother. As she goes looking for him, it’s Kim who finds a beaten up Conor and she has to make a difficult decision. Elsewhere, Alex returns to Roisin – keen to continue his therapy. However, she only agrees to revisit their sessions if he’s completely honest about the women in his life. As Roisin digs deeper, she makes a startling breakthrough about the root of Alex’s love life.

Sensing all is not well with Mikey, Gillian encourages him to admit he feels suffocated by Jonathon. She sets him the challenge of telling Jonathon to back off and Mikey finally tells his fiancé their relationship is going too fast. However, Jonathon’s promises to give Mikey some space prove short-lived and it’s not long before he reverts to type – much to Gillian’s unease.

Sam’s irked to discover Caitlin has offered Seb rehearsal space at The Tall Ship. To make matters worse, he’s annoyed when Seb fawns over Caitlin, asking her to sing with him at his gigs. Flattered by the praise, Caitlin’s bubble is burst when a jealous Sam demands she turns Seb down which makes her more determined to do it. Over at Spiller & Son, Sam confides in Chloe that he’s worried Seb is trying to steal Caitlin from him. She downplays his concerns, urging him to talk to his brother and clear the air.

However, the chat only serves to stir up past issues between the brothers as Seb sets his sights on unsettling Sam. Elsewhere, Armand questions a defensive Ash about his relationship with Gillian. Ash dismisses his attempt to talk, downplaying any suggestion he is in denial about his sexuality. However, Armand’s words strike a chord.

Angus is stunned when Bob reveals he’s thinking about selling Montego Motors to pay for Kim’s operation. Kim is also taken aback by his plans to go to abroad for her heart transplant but, despite their shared caution, he remains undeterred and optimistic.

River City, BBC Scotland Channel Monday and Wednesday at 10 pm. Also on BBC One Scotland on Tuesday and Thursday at 7 pm

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