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Pick of the Plots: Tuesday 9th April

Pick of the Plots

Pick of the Plots: Tuesday 9th April

Your Pick of the Plots for Tuesday, April 9.

Linda is taken aback when Johnny reveals the women’s new strategy concerning the murder weapon, but he promises to resolve it by securing Sharon’s release. Linda seeks solace in the barrel store where she is consoled by George as she contemplates her future.

The rest of the women tell a horrified Denise the new plan, but they are interrupted by Phil. Linda summons the women to The Vic.

Meanwhile, Harvey visits Jade and steals the pill box in order to confront Dean. However, Dean manipulates the situation and continues to shift the blame onto Harvey and Jean. Stacey and Linda witness their argument in the Square.

Elsewhere, as Eddie’s trial approaches, George prepares himself to testify. Cindy attempts to persuade George to speak with Gloria, having secretly spoken to her beforehand, but George declines.

Eddie summons George to the Boxing Den and tries to dissuade him from testifying. When George finally snaps and reveals that Gloria encouraged him to testify, Eddie issues a chilling threat.

Also, Yolande is upset to be pushed out of her charity plans. Denzel is frustrated when Yolande’s presence at home spoils his plans.

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Ste tells Sienna they need to get rid of the confession to avoid provoking Warren. Sienna agrees that Warren can have Sophie for the day but panics when Sophie won’t hand her tablet over, which is harbouring the recording.

Sienna warns Ste that he needs to go to the police and tell them it was Warren who pushed him from the roof. Ste seeks advice from James. Later, Ste sneaks into Warren’s flat and tries to find the tablet but he is caught by Warren.

Meanwhile, Freddie confronts Marie, who tells him she wasn’t the one who stole from the garage. Abe warns Freddie against accusing his mum and points him in the direction of Murphy, who was lingering around the garage the previous day.

Joel overhears Abe leave a voicemail and questions his brother on whether he’s in touch with Arlo’s abductor.

Elsewhere, it’s Vicky’s 18th birthday but she’s left disheartened when the big surprise Miley mentioned doesn’t come through.

During her party at The Dog, Vicky admits that Miley told her about the present and how she was left disappointed. Scott explains the situation and Vicky thanks him, calling him her dad, but they’re interrupted when a new face to the village walks in.

Hollyoaks, E4m, tonight at 7pm

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