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ITN executive Diana Edwards-Jones dies at 91


ITN executive Diana Edwards-Jones dies at 91

ITN pays tribute to “trailblazer” Diana Edwards-Jones…

Diana Edwards-Jones was a pioneering figure in Independent Television News and its long history and moreso of television broadcasting in the UK. Edwards-Jones was one of the founding figures during the creation of ITN in the 1950s, going on to direct News at Ten from its launch in 1967 before becoming Head of Programme Directors during the 1970s.

ITN chief executive Rachel Corp:

“ITN is immensely proud of Diana Edwards-Jones’ legacy and how she supported innovation on many levels by holding a crucial position in broadcast news. She played a hugely significant role at the start of ITN’s journey and showed women were central to the company’s development off-screen as well as on-screen.

“As we prepare for another UK general election in the coming months, I hope that other women will be inspired by her example and continue to push journalism and production boundaries.”

ITN note how Diane ‘left an indelible mark on the industry, shattering barriers by becoming the first woman to helm a television election special in the UK, overseeing ITN’s groundbreaking election night programming’. This historic feat, achieved amidst a male-dominated television landscape, signified a monumental step forward for women in the field and is immortalised in the iconic image of her at the controls on February 27, 1974.

Her achievements were recognised in the 1987 New Year’s Honours list where she was given an OBE. Her title was celebrated at a special event in the Savoy Hotel later that year, where her role as the ‘confidence builder’ and a ‘great leveller of people’ was recognised by those in the room.

‘Diana Edwards-Jones will be remembered as a trailblazer whose groundbreaking achievement opened doors for greater female representation in television broadcasting.’ ITN conclude.

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