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Channel 5 checkout the best of Aldi and Lidl

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Channel 5

Channel 5 checkout the best of Aldi and Lidl

Lidl has bargains, but so does Aldi. Which is better? There’s only one way to find out…

No, we don’t need a Harry Hill style fight between two huge supermarket shopping bags, Channel 5 is going to investigate this pressing issue instead…

Aldi and Lidl are the heavyweights of the budget supermarket scene, taking on the big boys with a combination of ruthless price cutting and outrageous products that look almost like the real thing. They’ve been taking lumps out of their main rivals, but which of these two German bruisers has the best tasting products?

For one night only, supervised by a panel with very discerning palettes, we’re going to settle this battle royale, once and for all! From choccy biccies to ready meals, from plonk to cupboard staples like baked beans, this programme is going to blind taste test the German discounters against one of their rivals.

Aldi UK PR: Sandhurst Grand Opening. Aldi’s 900th Store

In each round, the experts decide whether it’s win, lose, or draw for the main contenders or their plucky challengers.

The intrepid referees are Tom Read Wilson and food writers Jonathan Phang and Alexandra Dudley, and the results will be nothing if not surprising.

Channel 5 also discovers how Aldi and Lidl went from being strange, foreign brands to household name retailers in the UK and reveal the secrets behind their phenomenal success. The episode also examines the adverts that sold Aldi and Lidl to the British public and made many of us fall in love with them.

Aldi vs Lidl: Which Tastes Better, Wednesday, April 24th at 8 pm on Channel 5

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