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This week in Summer Bay, Erinsborough, Letherbridge and Shieldinch

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This week in Summer Bay, Erinsborough, Letherbridge and Shieldinch

The latest goings on in Home and Away, Neighbours, Doctors and River City…


Home and Away, episode 8211: Tane refuses to leave the abandoned baby’s side

Panicking, Valerie dashes home and reports to Theo that Kirby was talking to a cop. He brushes it off though, glowing after smashing his interview with a little help from the pills. That “cop” is his friend, Rose, and there’s nothing to worry about. Besides, Kirby would never rat them out like that. Unfortunately, this only incenses Valerie more – Theo may not have anything to lose, but she does, and she’s increasingly concerned with the lax attitude Theo has to making public appearances while high.

The next morning, Theo is feeling the comedown when Justin bursts through the door with good news. Thanks to the amazing write-up about Theo, he’s scored another interview – and this time it’s live with the local radio station! Theo, feeling like absolute garbage, starts to sense the panic set in. He begs Valerie for another pill so he can do the interview, adamant that the drugs were the only reason he did so well. She flat out refuses.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Tane refuses to leave the baby’s side, not even to eat or rest. When he finally does rush back home, it’s just to grab clean clothes; he barely engages a concerned Mali and Mackenzie. His housemates wonder aloud if he’s a little too invested in this child. At Salt, Felicity overhears Roo and Alf’s conversation about baby Maia. She finds out from Roo that Tane was the one who found the baby. In shock, Felicity heads over to the hospital, where she finds Tane in his element, baby Maia in his arms, singing a lullaby to her in Māori. This hits hard for Felicity, especially considering their disagreements over children.

Remi is still healing from his injuries, but he limps out the door to an amazing surprise – his bike, fully repaired, and basically restored to brand new! He’s in no condition to get back on it just yet, but he’s overjoyed, and Kirby is stoked to see her bandmate so happy again. Elsewhere Cash has good news from his company: he’s been given a personal security job, a massive step up from his current and it turns out to be a female film star…

John marches into the diner with a big announcement – he’s decided he’s going to be Justin and Leah’s marriage celebrant! Irene and Marilyn are aghast – how is he going to make that happen? Does he have the necessary qualifications? And who’s to say that Justin and Leah will even say yes? John, however, is having none of it. His mind is made up, and nothing is going to stop him.

A shady-looking young man arrives at the Surf Club, and Alf is immediately on his guard. The man’s name is Peter, and turns out he’s an investigative journalist for the Coastal News, sniffing around for details surrounding baby Maia’s case. His unsavoury references to the missing mother as a “welfare cheat” and “addict” infuriate Alf, and he shoos him out of his surf club, pronto.

Home and Away airs 1:45pm on Channel 5 and 6pm on 5STAR. First-look screenings air at 6:30pm on 5STAR and the series also streams on My5. 


Neighbours: Terese likes Paul’s suggestion of who should be Eirini Rising’s Operations Manager

Krista’s fallen back down the rabbit hole of substance use to mask her grief. Arriving at the Waterhole in the middle of the night, she finds a similarly grieving Aaron already there having a private drinking session. Krista urges Aaron to let her join him and it’s beyond his powers to deny a grieving woman an hour or two of solace – just this once. The following day, Chelsea realises Krista has a hangover, but enables her to hide her destructive behaviour.

Karl rallies a small group to come cycling with him on a new route… one that just happens to go past his newest billboard. But the viewing goes awry when they find that the billboard has been vandalized – by someone naming Karl as the Erinsborough pooper.

Paul continues to help Terese work through her recruitment issue with Eirini Rising. She’s growing increasingly stressed in the lead-up to the big opening and his desire to support her only increases too. Unbeknownst to him, an exhausted Terese has an unseeling dream reminding her why they broke up the last Ome – Paul covering up a murder. Meanwhile, Chelsea, jealous of the place Terese has in Paul’sheart, tries to tell him he’s fooling himself if he thinks he’ll get what he wants from Terese again… and she is proved right when the dream causes Terese to pull away, leaving Paul deeply disappointed.

Furious with Haz, Mackenzie finally gives him an ultimatum; either he comes clean about his deep fake hacking history and tells their friends and the police, or she will. Mackenzie then meets with Wade again, who reveals the person who destroyed his life sent a deep fake to his best friend of Wade tricking his friend’s parents into handing over their life’s savings. It’s the last straw for Mackenzie and she breaks up with Haz.

Seeing tensions rise between JJ and Dex, Cara suggests a spontaneous camping trip to get the family back on the same page. Dex resists as it means giving up gaming with his friends, but when Remi reminds him that they’re the only ones who can help JJ get back on track he comes reluctantly on board. But his enthusiasm wanes as Remi and Cara spend the entire trip humouring JJ, even as JJ continues to take their support for granted. Dex decides to take action.

Krista and Aaron have been on a bender together, but they’re all ashamed and regretful in the cold light of morning. Krista apologises to Aaron for dragging him into her spiral, and Aaron apologises for enabling her relapse. He’s all too aware of what David would think of him right now. Their guilt is compounded as they’re forced to lie to their friends and loved ones to keep the secret.

Susan hides the Eirini Rising Operations Manager job offer from Karl, conscious of the stress he’s already under. Karl’s outrage about being labelled as the mystery lawn pooper grows – he’s mortified when friends, family and neighbours alike seem to find the situation amusing… and devastated when the debacle sees it effect his prospects…

Neighbours streaming from 7.30am, Monday to Thursday, on Freevee UK


Doctors: Paige Popplewel and Scarlett Kiernan man the reception at The Mill Medical Centre

Scarlett arrives back from her holidays and isn’t impressed to find Paige at the reception at The Mill. They don’t get off to a good start; Luca teases Scarlett about all the changes since she went away. She can’t believe that Sid is now going out with Paige. Kirsty is at The Campus, and her phone keeps pinging with messages. She admits to Ruhma that Dave is getting on her nerves a bit. Ruhma says it might be time to lay down some ground rules…

Bear’s also back from his holiday, and he’s in for a shock when Zara tells him about the big changes. He’s angry that Zara didn’t think to fill him in, but she says there wasn’t much she could do about any of it, Zara’s day goes from bad to worse after a call from Daniel. Sid arrives on rapid response call to an unconscious teenager with Polly Japes watching on, concerned. He’s shocked when the teenager gets up and runs away. When Polly tells him the whole thing has been recorded and put online, Sid is furious. He doesn’t get much sympathy from Ambulance driver Wendy Case and her colleague.

Back home, Polly is delighted with the response to Sid’s video, she argues with her mum Laura Japes – who is struggling to hold things together. Sid is unimpressed when he catches Wendy and Mitch watching the video of him being pranked. He stops by The Mill to see if Al can help him track down who posted the clip. Polly is angry with her mum for drinking during the day, while there’s no food in the fridge. She thinks Laura has given up on life. Sid arrives at another callout to find Polly lying on the ground – he’s not impressed, but she has another agenda and unveils a protest placard attacking the ambulance services.

Scarlett bumps into Suni and the pair are awkward around each other after recent developments. Deciding that enough is enough, she decides that it’s time to clear the air with her ex and move on. Zara talks to Bear about Daniel’s bombshell, what can they do to save the day? Sid fills Bear in on his new relationship with Paige – things are going really well. Paige wants to take Sid out on a date, but she decides that he needs some new clothes. Scarlett is unimpressed when Paige tries to show off Sid’s new suit. Al, Jimmi and Luca can’t help but take a peek, and Luca is not impressed…

Kirsty is on a VPAS visit to see Peggy Stark. She’s amused by the doorbell playing Christmas tunes, but can’t quite believe it when Albie Stark answers the door dressed in a festive jumper. Inside, she realises the whole house is decorated for the Christmas celebrations… Kirsty is trying to get through to a dismissive Albie about seeing his wife when Clara Stark arrives home. She’s similarly dressed for Christmas and insists on feeding Kirsty with festive food. Kirsty is puzzled as the family talks about Peggy’s love of the season, but where is she?

Bear asks Kirsty and Paige if one of them can cover evening surgery. Paige refuses – she’s got her big date with Sid! Kirsty agrees and calls Dave to let him know she can’t make their date tonight. She can’t believe her eyes when he arrives in reception with a picnic basket, announcing that he’s bringing dinner to her! Jimmi and Luca are surprised to see Dave preparing a full meal in the staff room, and they’re not impressed when Dave starts bossing them about for getting in the way. Meanwhile, Kirsty is kept busy in reception. Things go from bad to worse when one of Dave’s candles sets off the fire alarm.

Paige wakes up at Sid’s house and is admiring the place when she’s startled by Bear. Not realising they were housemates she takes it up with Sid who explains Bear is his lodger and Paige is placated. At work Bear apologises for making her jump and she explains that Sid has told her he’s just the lodger. Bear then makes a comment to Sid showing that Paige has touched a nerve. Meanwhile, Paige badgers Scarlett for a receptionist night out and Scarlett ends up with no choice but to accept. They go to the Icon and Paige gets more drunk than Scarlett and opens up about her love life. Scarlett grows suspicious of Paige’s intentions with Sid and decides to ask her straight if she’s with Sid for the money and is surprised by Paige’s response.

Doctors, Monday to Thursday at 1.45 pm on BBC One and the iPlayer.


River City: Jonathon causes more issues between Mikey and Gillian

Struggling to find a place to call home together, Madonna and Dean approach Lenny for help. Although sceptical, he understands why the teenagers want their own place but makes it clear they need Scarlett’s approval first. However, Scarlett is far-from-happy about the news and is put out by Madonna’s desire to leave home so young.

Scarlett goes on the war path, berating Lenny for entertaining the idea of helping them find a flat. He downplays her concerns reminding her Madonna will move out with or without her support. He tells Scarlett that once the reality of living away from home hits in – Madonna will be back home. Unbeknownst to them, Madonna overhears this and makes her more determined herself and Dean will prove them wrong. Elsewhere, still reeling at Mulvaney’s blind loyalty to Lenny, Bernie tells her fiancé she fears he’ll end up in prison – or worse – by his association to the Murdochs. Their argument is interrupted by Mikey who attempts to play mediator between his parents, urging them to solve their differences before the wedding day.

As the couple make peace with one another, Bernie delivers a surprising ultimatum – stop working for Lenny or the wedding is off. Alex sets the wheels in motion to Karen and Shaw from his flat, much to Lenny’s surprise. Convinced that Shaw could well be operating undercover and investigating the Murdochs, Lenny urges him to keep an eye on her.

Caitlin asks Sam to take a look at the song lyrics Seb has written, asking him to rework them. Despite knowing it’ll cause upset, Sam’s ego gets the better of him and he delights in belittling Seb’s lyrical abilities. As the brothers clash, Sam and Seb go to great lengths to get one up on each other. Witnessing the bickering, Caitlin locks the brothers in the Tall Ship pool room, telling them she won’t let them out until they make peace.

Elsewhere, Eddie tells Tyler he’s convinced Conor is a police informant. They decide to confront him, much to Nicole’s surprise. Backed into a corner, Conor reveals the truth – his suspicious actions stem from the trauma he experienced in jail and a secret revenge plan.

With their wedding day on the horizon, Jonathon urges Mikey to get their rings back from Gillian, who had been keeping them safe. With their friendship in tatters, Mikey is reluctant to see Gillian again but when they do finally meet, it’s clear they both want to make amends and move on. However, when Jonathon gate-crashes their reunion, it’s not long before his insensitive comments stir up further unrest between the friends.

Although reluctant, Alex has a change of heart but Karen is suspicious about his motives.

River City, BBC Scotland Channel Monday and Wednesday at 10 pm. Also on BBC One Scotland on Tuesday and Thursday at 7 pm

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