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S4C relaunch Heno


S4C relaunch Heno

S4C’s popular Welsh daily magazine programme Heno relaunches today with new faces and a refreshed look to its set, titles and graphics.

Elin Fflur, Alun Williams, Owain Tudur Jones and Angharad Mair will continue to present with Mirain Iwerydd joining the team at the studio in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire. There are also new faces within the reporting team with James Lusted and Paul ‘Stumpy’ Davies helping to bring stories from all parts of Wales to audiences at home.

There will be one more major change, with the old familiar yellow sofa disappearing and a new, orange one taking its place.

Owain Tudur Jones says:

“It’s going to be strange because the yellow sofa is iconic – a cult hero, but I think the time has come for a little change… I can see that over time the orange sofa will also become iconic.”

Owain Tudur Jones

Mirain Iwerydd

Despite the programme’s refresh, Heno will continue to bring all Welsh stories to viewers on S4C, S4C Clic and BBC iPlayer at seven o’clock from Monday to Friday. Heno cameras will travel across Wales every week, visiting the length and breadth of the country. This week alone they’ll be visiting Colwyn Bay, Swansea, the Llŷn Peninsula, the Rhondda and Wrexham to name just a few places.

Presenter and programme editor Angharad Mair has been part of Heno’s success since its beginnings 33 years ago:

“For me the most important thing about Heno since the beginning, and continues to be the ethos of the programme, is the viewers. More than anything, Heno is the viewers’ programme. They own the programme. It’s great to be able to reflect all the events happening in different communities in Wales as well as all the talent here.

“Although we’re often concerned about the situation of the Welsh language, the reality is that we have a more diverse audience and more speakers these days, thanks in part to the success of Welsh education. Welsh people are now successful in all sorts of areas all over the world and it’s also nice to be able to reflect that on Heno.”

Elin Fflur

Alun Williams

Anyone is welcome to suggest stories for the programme and also to invite the Heno team to attend their events. The magazine programme Prynhawn Da, which also broadcasts live from the Llanelli studio every weekday afternoon, Sa is also undergoing a transformation. You can see Prynhawn Da on S4C at two o’clock, Monday to Friday.

Elin Fflur:

“It’s nice that we’re at the big events talking to the actors, singers etc but it’s even more important that we’re in our communities talking to people about the things that affect families and people within those communities. It’s important for us not to sit still, to continue to respond to what’s going on while keeping true to the programme’s ethos.”

Angharad Mair

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