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Daytime rates for BBC One leaving ITV lagging behind


Daytime rates for BBC One leaving ITV lagging behind

While ITV1 has a PR-machine that keeps its daytime programmes regularly on social media and in the press, it’s the BBC that’s pulling in the viewers…

Once a ratings banker Lorraine Kelly’s self-title show has seen viewers switch to BBC Breakfast and Morning Live, while This Morning also fails to fare well up against the rival show. Midweek overnight figures published online from this Wednesday show the general trend that BBC One is thrashing the life out of ITV Daytime.

For the Beeb Breakfast pulled in 1.26 million viewers and an audience share of 41.1% while Morning Live also brought in the ratings as 1.04m tuned in and the show held a decent 30.4% of the available audience at that time of day.

BBC Breakfast has beaten ITV’s offerings since GMTV days.

Over on ITV1 Good Morning Britain managed 627k  and 21.1% of the audience – which is at least better than its predecessor Daybreak managed – while one time over a million would tune in to Lorraine – it seems those days have gone with only 546k and 15.3% bothering with the show. This Morning doesn’t fare much better with just 543k watching and a 15.3% share. The ITV programmes have seen changes in recent times with Lorraine moved half an hour later to fill the void left by Jeremy Kyle while This Morning has seen the departure of both Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield following several on-screen controversies and off-screen issues.

Vivian Summers, TV Critic:

“It was reported that ITV Daytime creatives thought of their viewers as low-brow ‘towerblock Tracey’s’, well it seems morning viewers actually have a little more taste than the executives gave them credit for – and viewers have switched to a happier, more creative television experience.”

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