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EastEnders’ Patrick and Yolande set for two hander episode


EastEnders’ Patrick and Yolande set for two hander episode

EastEnders’ Patrick and Yolande set for two hander episode

EastEnders actors Angela Wynter and Rudolph Walker will take centre stage in a poignant two-hander episode set to air in early May.

The episode will centre around Patrick and Yolande as he discovers that she was sexually assaulted by Pastor Clayton, and the immediate aftermath that follows.

The revelation will provide clarity for Patrick, who has been left confused by changes in Yolande. However, it will also mark the beginning of a challenging journey for him as he navigates how to best support his life partner in the aftermath of the assault.

EastEnders Executive Producer Chris Clenshaw said of the episode:

“When you have a story that deserves time and space to explore, and you have talent like Angela Wynter and Rudolph Walker, it felt only right to produce an EastEnders two-hander episode. This conversation is the most difficult that Yolande and Patrick will ever have, and an episode dedicated to them gives us a chance to tell this story truthfully and authentically.

“I’m in awe of the performances Angela and Rudolph have given and they’ve handled such a challenging and sensitive subject matter.”

The first two hander episode of EastEnders aired in October 1986 and featured the characters of Den and Angie Watts.

Two-hander episodes have been a long-standing tradition on EastEnders, going back to the show’s early days in 1986.

Scripted as mini plays, the episodes often revolve around a revelation and provide an in-depth exploration of the relationship between two characters. The format was initially conceived to enable the show to efficiently produce multiple episodes simultaneously, a practice known as “double banking.”

In addition to using only two actors, the episodes typically unfold within a single setting, so require a smaller crew than it takes to produce a regular instalment of the soap.

Previous two hander episodes include Den and Angie (October 1986), Dot and Ethel (July 1987), Sharon and Michelle (April 1989), Phil and Grant (November 1994), Pat and Peggy (October 1998), Kat and Zoe (October 2001) and Max and Stacey (March 2010).

The Truemans’ two-hander episode will air on Tuesday 7th May 2024.

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