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Sherrie Hewson joins Hollyoaks while Jeremy Sheffield returns


Sherrie Hewson joins Hollyoaks while Jeremy Sheffield returns

The newest arrivals are set to shake the lives of Sienna, Maxine, Dilly and Liberty as the pair come bearing wildly unexpected news…

Sherrie Hewson has had a long and successful career appearing in everything from Carry On, the Russ Abbott Madhouse sketch show and sitcoms Barbara and Benidorm. She is a soap survivor having appeared as Maureen Holdsworth in Coronation Street, Virginia Raven in two versions of Crossroads and Lesley Meredith in Emmerdale. She was also a panellist on Loose Women for 14 years.

Sherrie Hewson:

“It’s been a roller coaster joining Hollyoaks! The character is just wonderful to play. Everyone is so lovely such a great atmosphere to work in and so welcoming. We laugh a lot what more could you ask for…”

Jeremy Sheffield:

“I’m so excited to be back in the village and have the opportunity to play a great new character. Jez might be Patrick’s twin but he couldn’t be more different; he’s charming, enigmatic, complex and full of mystery. Working with the wonderful Sherrie Hewson means we get to explore even more of the famously twisted Blake family secrets…”

Sherrie Hewson is a soap legend…

Sherrie now joins Hollyoaks as Martha. Sienna’s family tree branches out in upcoming scenes when she meets her long-lost grandmother. But the surprises don’t end there with Jeremy Sheffield returning to the village based saga – only this time as a new character. Jeremy will appear as Jez Sienna’s uncle – the twin brother of his deceased ‘evil’ character Patrick. It isn’t the first time Jeremy has returned to the soap – he reprised Patrick, after the character’s demise, when he appeared as a ghost in the plots.

Now as Martha and Jez arrive on the scene the Blake dynasty promises heightened drama, hysterical situations and a whole host of secrets ready to be uncovered. Scenes featuring Hewson and Sheffield will begin being seen later this month.

Hannah Cheers, Hollyoaks Executive Producer:

“To be a Blake, you must be clever, captivating and charming on the outside… and calculating, cold and cynical on the inside. With a family dynasty so rich in history, it should come as no surprise that there are still many secrets to be uncovered. 

“But for Sienna, Dilly, Liberty and Maxine, what happens next is not what anyone could have expected….”

It’s not the first time an actor has returned to a soap to play a new role or even a twin. In Crossroads (ATV) in 1974 Trevor Bannister – with the help of bluescreen effects – appeared as twins Keith and Ken Willets while in 2003 the soap revisited the idea when Rocky Wesson’s twin Hilary turned up in Kings Oak, both played by Roger Sloman opposite, coincidentally, Sherrie Hewson. The motel-based soap also has had several actors play more than one role including Tania Robinson who played the terminally ill Kay Foster and following that character’s death, she turned up as her twin sister Julie Bates.

Twin set: Crossroads, Roger Sloman as Rocky and Hilary Wesson with Sherrie Hewson as Virginia Raven

The same happened in the UK twice weekly serial General Hospital (ATV) when Lillian Skinner played by Jill Gascoine was run down in a hit and run. Jill turned up again a few episodes later as the deceased’s twin sister Michelle Hawkins – much to the surprise of her lover Dr Neville Bywaters played by Tony Adams.

Coronation Street (Granada) has also ventured into this territory with the character of Edna Miller – factory knicker stitcher and pub cleaner/barmaid who was found dead in bed at the Rovers Return. Actress Joan Kempson appeared as Edna and her sister Iris, the latter who turned up at Edna’s funeral. Several actors in Corrie have also appeared in more than one role including Michael Le Vell and Ian Mercer. Kathy Staff had several roles in the soap over the years.

The Aussie sagas have also had numerous actors in more than one role – most notably Neighbours (Grundy). Madeleine West played  Dee Bliss before quitting the soap and her exit storyline seeing her seemingly die in a car incident. Madeleine returned to the show after 13 years as Dee and as her ‘double/imposter’, Andrea. The show also cast Adam Hunter as the twin sons of Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) – Robert and Cameron – one good and one evil of course.

And that’s just a few…

Hollyoaks on Channel 4. Stream or watch live Weekdays 7pm E4.

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