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This week in Summer Bay, Erinsborough and Letherbridge

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This week in Summer Bay, Erinsborough and Letherbridge

The latest goings on in Home and Away, Neighbours and Doctors…


Home and Away: Episode 8221 Cash opens Stevie’s hotel room door to find a mysterious package… containing a teddy bear but it’s hiding a secret – a mic and camera

After watching Death Throes the night before, Cash has something on his mind. He takes another look at the photo taken from Stevie’s stalker. Turns out his intuition was right – on the back of the photo is the same number written by the killer in the movie… the time of death! Is the stalker trying to copy the movie, and is out to take Stevie’s life? Later a gift is left outside Stevie’s hotel door, it seems innocent enough but Cash discovers a camera and microphone hidden inside – however he discovers it too late it has already posted material to the Internet…

Cornered by Justin, Theo decides to let him in on the truth… well, sort of. He offers a white lie – he and Valerie are in fact dating, but the blowout Justin witnessed on the beach happened for no reason other than that Kirby was jealous. A relieved Justin thanks Theo for being honest with him, and bids him goodnight. Theo feels guilty but stays silent. The next day, he tells Valerie that he has to give up the secret of their relationship to cover the harder-to-swallow truth about their drug use. Instead of being understanding, however, Valerie storms off, betrayed.

With Cash completely occupied, Eden finds herself at a loss for what to do. She does her best to be a good friend to Remi as he goes through recovery – and now a breakup too. She casually raises the possibility of Remi meeting with Bree, but he brushes her off instantly. With nothing better to do, she accompanies him to his first physiotherapy session. Remi makes slow but gradual progress with the trainer, but he’s impatient. He’s sick of everyone telling him what to do and dictating how fast he should be healing. In one hasty moment, he goes for the weights and overextends himself, almost injuring himself severely as his chest cramps up with pain.

Eden takes her friend back home and chides him, telling him to stop being so bull-headed and just back go to hospital; running into Bree is the least of his worries at this rate. But Remi begs her not to call Bree no matter what, and tells her to leave him alone. At her wits’ end, Eden calls her brother and asks for help, expressing her worry for Remi. When he doesn’t call her back, a desperate, Eden calls his wife Imogen and asks her for help…

Bree barges into the diner with a target aimed on Justin’s head. She lets loose at him for fixing Remi’s death trap of a motorcycle, then delivering it to his front door. Leah tries to step in and defend him, but Bree storms off before anyone can act. Back at home, she calms down a little thanks to Xander’s emotional support, but it’s clear that she’s not taking the separation from Remi well. To top things off, she’s agreed to help John film a practice wedding ceremony (featuring an awkward and unwilling Dana and Xander). However, watching them recite their vows to each other – promising to be there for each other, and love each other for the rest of their lives – proves to be too much for Bree. She confides in Xander again: she has no idea what to do without Remi.

Tane is reeling after the fallout with the journalist at the hospital. Alf and Roo are doing their best to support him, with Roo sticking by the baby’s side in his place. They bring up the possibility of Tane being an emergency foster carer, but he shakes his head – he’s already thought about it, and he can’t because he’s not a permanent resident. Still, Alf and Roo are determined to find a way. Alf tries talking to Rose about lifting the AVO, but she sadly puts her foot down – the minute Tane laid a finger on that journalist, it was out of her hands.

Felicity pays Roo an unexpected visit. She comforts her, reassuring her that what she’s doing to help Tane is amazing, that she would be a fantastic foster parent, and that the world is lucky to have her. On her way out of the Surf Club, Felicity eyes the overwhelming amount of supplies, gifts and donations on the counter that people donated for Maia. This gets the gears in her head turning – maybe there are other ways to help that don’t involve caring for a baby. She announces that Salt is going to hold a fundraiser, and she’s roping Xander in to run it.

Home and Away airs 1:45pm on Channel 5 on Monday and Tuesday: Due to live snooker coverage, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday’s episodes air only on 5Star.

Monday to Friday at 6pm on 5STAR with first-look screenings of the following edition at 6:30 pm. The series also streams on My5.


Neighbours: Mackenzie and Karl rush to Haz following his accident

In the immediate aftermath of the collision, Mackenzie and Karl rush to Haz, who’s awake and stunned. In the midst of this, Andrew catches Wade … just as Haz suddenly collapses. As Karl starts resuscitation, Mackenzie is left watching in distress as her ex-boyfriend spirals towards death.

When word gets back toErinsborough, Byron, Holly, Sadie and Susan arrive at the hospital and are confronted by the sight of Haz being urgently whisked away. Mackenzie is horrified when Dr Bowman relays that Haz suffered a heart attack due to impact trauma and is now in a coma, which he may not wake up from. At Haz’s bedside, Mackenzie has a meltdown, giving in to her deepest, darkest fear: she can’t lose another man she loves. With Mackenzie far from coping, Byron, Sadie and Holly rallies around their friend in her time of need.

Holly gives Wade a piece of her mind. Later, Dr Bowman updates that the hopes of Haz coming out of a coma with a good outcome are much higher now. Despite this, Mackenzie struggles to take heart but later finds some determination as she declares to Haz she’s going to get him through this.

JJ is hurt when Remi and Cara stand by their decision to protect him from Felix. He takes his anger out on the Rodwell punching bag and ends up revealing the extent of his pain to a sympathetic Andrew, who can see both sides of the argument. Acer Andrew delivers JJ home, the Varga-Murphy’s try to have a calm family meeting to share their sides of the ‘Felix’ argument. But when JJ realizes there’s no budging Remiand Cara – they do not want JJ to have any contact with Felix – he storms off, as upset as ever.

Krista is discharged from the hospital and determined to begin a new chapter, despite not being able to remember why she sought Chelsea out before her accident. She and Aaron make a pact to pull each other up when they’re crossing a line. And later, when she’s confronted by her ex-drug dealer, Krista aeempts toput her foot down, only to need help from a passing Leo, who steps in to protect her and send Shannon packing.

Melanie chooses to hide from Terese and Toadie when she spots them out. But she’s sprung by Teresewho realises how much Melanie’s struggling having Toadie back in Erinsborough. Terese brings it up with Toadie and gives him permission to make peace with Melanie so that they can all move on, once and for all. Although trepidatious, Toadie offers a heartfelt apology to Melanie for the way he treated her. Finally, the turbulence seems to be calming for this trio.

Susan is excited and nervous as she prepares for her first day at work with Terese. It starts well with both women bringing each other coffees but as the day goes on Susan realises that Terese has a different idea to Susan on how work should go. Terese excitedly changes Susan’s plans and the work she does noticing that Susan is being increasingly put out. Later Terese tells Toadie that the new working relationship is going to work out well, not realizing that Susan has grave doubts.

It’s Melanie’s last day of community service but she’s unsure what to do in the next phase of her life. A chance remark from Paul prompts her to take the Divas van on a music festival circuit for five weeks. She is going to use this to raise some money to help her move out of the Kennedys when she gets back. Karl and Susan give Melanie their blessing, as Melanie drives off in the van for an adventure. Over at Lassiters Paul and Chelsea hold a surprise announcement…

Neighbours streaming from 7.30am, Monday to Thursday, on Freevee UK


Tim Lambert played by Dan Parr features in an episode of Doctors this week

Rob arrives at the Campus to pick up Scarlett and tells her they should do a mock test. Scarlett agrees but is clearly nervous. Rob tries to chat about his new house to her, but she’s clearly preoccupied. Rob shows Scarlett how to do parallel parking and talks her through all the motions as a reminder. But when he tells her it’s her turn, Scarlett hesitates. Instead Rob gets her to talk through what went wrong in her test so they can focus on fixing those things. He manages to bolster her confidence and gets her into the driver’s seat.

Zara, Bear and Suni have a meeting about the tender for campus and try to figure out who the other bidder could be. Elsewhere Luca is impressed by how Paige has organised today’s patients. Luca asks her to help an unwell patient into the sick room. Luca tells her she can change into some scrubs, which Paige is excited about – she thinks they’re cool. Paige shows off her scrubs to Luca which she has accessorised – doesn’t she look good? Luca’s baffled…

At The Mill, Kirsty is suspicious at the number of partner meetings that have been happening. Scarlett asks Suni about it and he accidentally lets slip that the meetings are about the Campus tender. Scarlett immediately tells Kirsty who explains that it means they might lose the Campus. Scarlett worries it means her hours will get cut. Kirsty then tells Michelle about the Campus being up for tender and Michelle questions Zara about it. Zara is annoyed that Suni let slip and now all the staff are panicking. Zara and Bear have a go at Suni for being so careless. Bear and Suni are despondent, and Zara tries to rally them but it’s clear they aren’t confident about winning the tender.

Amalia races out of a shop with stolen goods but is quickly caught by a security guard. Rob asks Jimmi to take a look at her sprained wrist and Jimmi realises she’s a nurse. Rob tells Amalia she’ll be released with a caution and asks her why she stole, but Amalia refuses to say. As Amalia is leaving, Jimmi offers to help her or listen if she needs to talk. Amalia is uncomfortable and he lets it go. They’re interrupted by Bless, who gives Amalia a hug – the picture of a concerned friend and colleague – but Jimmi notices the fear on Amalia’s face when she sees her and his suspicions are raised.

Later in the week Suni asks Zara and Bear if he can have a go at preparing the Campus tender pitch. He suggests Bear prepare a mock pitch for Trelawney Wells so they can compare the two. Suni despairs when he reads the original pitch from years ago – it’s very long and very dry… Suni, Bear and Zara reconvene for to hear the mock pitches. Suni’s up first and worries as Zara keeps scribbling notes as he talks. Bear then gives the opposing pitch for Trelawney Wells.

Ruhma confirms that Ashley Collins is pregnant. She goes to break the news to her partner, Tim Lambert, who is at work as a chef. He decides to ditch work to talk about the plans. Later that night Ashley experiences some pain and they go to A&E, where they discover that Ashley has miscarried. Tim returns to work and explains why he ran out to his sous chef Lara Jamison, who forgives him for dropping her in it. Tim wants to try again for a baby but they aren’t successful, then Ashley gets offered a job, but it’s in LA. She tells Tim, who questions whether LA is a good place to raise
kids, but Ashley reminds him she’s not pregnant. Ashley talks to Ruhma about the pressure Tim is putting on her to get pregnant and helps Ashley see it’s important to do what she wants. She tells Tim she doesn’t want a baby, and that she knows he does so she doesn’t think the relationship will work and they break up.

When Ashley is about to leave for LA Tim asks if she thinks they would have stayed together if they hadn’t lost the baby. The two stories end in a split screen, where we see Tim and Lara in one story, and Tim and Ashley in the othe

Doctors, Monday to Thursday at 1.45 pm on BBC One and the iPlayer.


River City: A double disaster or a double joy?

River City is on a break, however, you can catch up on last week’s events on the iPlayer if you missed all the drama…

In the most recent editions, (Monday 29th April and Wednesday May 1st) Kim took a dizzy turn, and Bob called on Dr Gillian’s advice. Unsettled by Gillian’s arrival, Kim winced when Bob brought up the supplements she’s been taking to aid her heart condition. Although Kim downplays this news, Gillian berates her for taking supplements which aren’t even regulated. Fearful that they were doing more harm than good, Gillian insisted that Kim be admitted to the hospital – much to Bob’s concern.

On the eve of their wedding day, Mulvaney told Bernie he didn’t want his decision to leave the Murdoch business looming over him anymore. Deciding to tell Lenny his plans to quit, Mulvaney assured an anxious Bernie all would be well. However, despite Mulvaney’s pleas to leave, Lenny made it clear that getting out of the business was a no-go. With tensions rising between the friends, Eddie acted as a mediator between the two, suggesting they raise a glass to Mulvaney’s forthcoming nuptials and hit the town.

Ahead of his band’s showcase, Sam got some fashion advice from step-daughter Chloe who insisted he needed a stylish overhaul. While Caitlin and Chloe excitedly awaited the grand reveal, Sam felt incredibly uncomfortable about his makeover. Elsewhere, Dean and Madonna were left deflated when their first flat fell short of expectations.

The the next visit to Shieldinch it was the morning after the night before and Lenny and Eddie woke up with hangovers from hell. That was the least of their worries though as groom-to-be Mulvaney had gone missing. At the O’Hara’s, Bernie’s anxiety grew as she’d not heard from her fiancé and feared the worst. She called Lenny who downplays the drama, while Scarlett and Suzie did their best to reassure Bernie.

At the wedding venue, Mulvaney arrived in the nick of time, revealing where he had been and revealing a special wedding day gift for his bride. Meanwhile, a cloud hung over Mikey following his fall-out with Gillian. Jonathon reminded him it’s their big day and Gillian shouldn’t change that. For her part, encouraged by Ash, Gillian decided to let bygones be bygones and made amends with Mikey.

At the double wedding, friends and family came together to celebrate with the two couples but drama loomed large. As sparks flew between Angus and Amber, Ash doubted he had a future with Gillian. Seeing Mikey and Jonathon blissfully happy, Ash admited he’s confused about his sexual identity and whether Gillian is the right person for him – leaving her blindsided.

River City catch up with previous editions on the BBC iPlayer

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