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Special episode of Emmerdale ‘offers viewers a unique look behind closed doors’


Special episode of Emmerdale ‘offers viewers a unique look behind closed doors’

Best on the Box choice for May 7th…

Tensions rise, secrets are revealed, and relationships are shattered as Emmerdale plunges viewers into the heart of a dinner party from hell, where every dish served comes with a side of drama.

During the special episode airing tonight (Tuesday 7th May) the audience will be offered a unique perspective; two different viewpoints of the same dinner party. As the event unfolds in two halves, Rhona, Marlon, Belle and Tom will reveal the intricate dynamics and simmering conflicts in their relationships.

Emmerdale Producer Laura Shaw:

“The dinner party episode puts a sharp lens on the relationships of the gathered people and gives the audience a unique view into their lives. Stepping away from the usual Emmerdale format, it offers our viewers the chance to see how some relationships like Rhona and Marlon’s can very publicly unravel and fall apart, whereas other relationships, like Tom and Belle’s, can present in public as perfect and behind closed doors tell a very different, much darker story.”

As tensions stew beneath the surface in the first half, the fissures in Rhona and Marlon’s fragile marriage cut open like a knife and as their row escalates, they lay bare their issues publicly. On the other side, the undercurrents between Belle and Tom are rumbling but outwardly they seem like a happy couple to the other guests. In the second part of the episode, as we rewind to the start of the dinner party, the audience will soon see the day from Belle and Tom’s point of view and get a glimpse into the terrifying reality of Belle’s life with Tom behind closed doors.

As the dinner party progresses, no amount of good food and wine will iron out the strained tensions as they bubble up to the surface during dinner. With those ingredients how can Belle possibly serve a successful supper?

The special episode is directed by award winning director Duncan Foster.

Emmerdale, ITV1 and STV at 7:30 pm tonight, catch up on ITVX and STV Player

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