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Hollyoaks exit for Jonas Khan


Hollyoaks exit for Jonas Khan

Hollyoaks star Jonas Khan is set to leave his role as Zain Rizwaan in the soap.

The actor’s departure was first reported by There are currently no details of how and when Zain will leave the show.

Zain was introduced to the show in 2022 as the love interest of Misbah Maalik. He played a crucial role in supporting the Maalik family during their ordeal with the villainous Ali Shahzad, particularly when Misbah’s son Imran began to lose faith.

Eventually, Zain and Misbah got married, but their relationship has recently faced challenges after Zain overheard Misbah expressing concerns about their lack of passion to Sharon. In an attempt to address their issues, Misbah and Zain had an emotional conversation, during which Zain suffered a stroke.

In February, Channel 4 announced that from September episodes of Hollyoaks would be cut from five to three, with the loss of 135 jobs.

In addition to Khan, several other cast members have also been announced as exiting the series, such as Jamie LomasRoss AdamsJameliaStephanie Waring and Theo Graham. All but one of these exits were noted to be the actor’s own decision, however, when announcing that she had been axed from the saga, Waring revealed that she had given her the option to say that she had left of her own accord…

Last night, on E4, the soap also aired the unannounced exit of Lizzie Chen-Williams, played by Lily Best. Lizzie collapsed and died on the dance floor at The Loft during Dave and Cindy’s wedding reception after popping a pill with some of her friends.

Hollyoaks currently airs Monday-Friday at 7pm on E4 with first look episodes on Channel 4 streaming.

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