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Channel 4 celebrate 25th anniversary of Grand Designs

Channel 4

Channel 4 celebrate 25th anniversary of Grand Designs

First airing on Channel 4 in 1999, Grand Designs quickly became an architectural showcase that captivated audiences and has continued to do so for a quarter-century.

Channel 4 will air a brand new series of Grand Designs, including a landmark 25th anniversary special episode, coming this Autumn.

Kevin McCloud, Grand Designs host:

‘Being a part of Grand Designs for the last 25 years has been an extraordinary privilege. I’ve met remarkable people, discovered hidden places on the planet and experienced amazing architecture. Writing the new book has given me new insight into the achievements of the last 25 years and if anything, this landmark moment helps us see more clearly where the series is going.”

Hosted, of course, by Kevin McCloud, this milestone series kicks off with a celebratory 25th anniversary episode where Kevin takes viewers through some of the greatest and greenest self-build journeys ever featured on the series.

The special anniversary edition offers a reflection on the legacy of Grand Designs and its impact on the world of home innovation and design. Featuring the most ambitious builds and touching human dramas, with the biggest budget overspends, and disastrous delays thrown into the mix, this special will celebrate a true Channel 4 gem in its momentous anniversary year.

Following the anniversary special, viewers can look forward to eight new episodes that delve into the world of sustainability, cutting-edge design and personal ambition. From tearing down a childhood home to create an idyllic health and wellness retreat, to redesigning one of the most intimidating water towers imaginable, this series of Grand Designs promises to entertain audiences with a blend of storytelling, architectural exploration and insight into what we all really want from our homes.

Ian Dunkley, Channel 4 commissioner:

‘The 25th-anniversary is a testament to Grand Designs and the team behind it. For a generation the show has engaged audiences with the captivating stories of real people taking huge risks on innovative, sustainable and sometimes eccentric designs. Grand Designs continues to be a much-loved Channel 4 show and we are proud to announce a new series with a 25th-anniversary special.’

In tandem with the new series, Grand Designs is launching a special 25th-anniversary book, Grand Designs at 25 (published by White Lion, 6th September 2024) featuring a collection of the most iconic, stand-out builds from this perennially popular, long-running TV series, as chosen by Kevin. Alongside gorgeous photography, the book also offers a unique opportunity for viewers and readers to read how the properties have fared over time.

A quarter-century and nearly 200 episodes later, Grand Designs continues to inspire countless individuals to pursue their dreams of creating the perfect home. This brand-new series, 25th-anniversary episode and milestone book serves as a testament to the show’s enduring influence. John Comerford, Head of Naked West, a Fremantle label, said: ‘Grand Designs is an architecture powerhouse, and we are delighted to be announcing a brand-new series, accompanied by a 25th anniversary special. The new series will continue to inspire audiences with groundbreaking designs and the stories behind each extraordinary build.’

John Lonsdale, Executive Producer for Naked West:

‘This year is the 25th¬†anniversary of Grand Designs and we’ll be opening the series with a special programme celebrating the very best moments from nearly 200 episodes. To follow will be more brand new episodes, including lots of astonishing architecture and emotional charged stories, as well as a truly epic water tower conversion.’

Watch the brand-new series of Grand Designs, coming this Autumn to Channel 4.

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