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Channel 5 dives into the world of sharks

Channel 5

Channel 5 dives into the world of sharks

A three-part natural history series will offer viewers a surprising, insightful, and shocking look into the planet’s most feared predator – the shark.

Each episode of Shark takes a look at different aspects of the shark, from vicious attacks, conservation, and survivor stories to examining a shark’s anatomy. This natural history event special heads to the undisputed shark attack capital of the world, Florida, which has beaches where attacks are commonplace. Earning it the title of shark bite capital of the world. Within this one state alone, there have been over 350 recorded shark bites, more than any other country on the planet.

Federico Ruiz, Commissioning Editor at Channel 5:

“This series is a visceral, thrilling, white-knuckle ride. There are few things more terrifying than a shark attack, as recent news reports illustrate. After this, you’ll think twice before stepping into your bath.”

Viewers will learn how these incredible predators hunt and how these killing machines have been honed through thousands of years. Plus we will hear from the experts closest to them about what can be done to ensure these incredible but endangered predators can survive.

There will also be first-hand shark attack survivor stories, brought to life by UCG and archive footage. The episodes will also feature specially crafted content that explores everything you ever wanted to know about shark attacks but were afraid to ask, reminding us why we need to value and look after these extraordinary beasts. The shark’s anatomy, including their jaws, skin, eyes and teeth will be examined and the question of why sharks seemingly want to eat humans will be investigated.

The production also includes three ground-breaking dives without cages.

Taking viewers closer to the sharks during the ‘dusk’ danger hour, to face them when they are at their most active. In another cage free dive viewers will be taken closer to the jaws of the feared bull sharks as they are hand fed underwater in their natural habitat. The events team of specialist expert divers will also free swim with as many sharks as possible, to understand the fearsome sharks’ natural hierarchical structure.

Shark is a Crackit Production for Channel 5, co-produced by GroupM Motion Entertainment.

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