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Book brings ‘a fresh approach to addressing racial disparities’


Book brings ‘a fresh approach to addressing racial disparities’

Donald Blair reveals a new and unique voice in the thought-provoking Confessions of a Racist – A View from the Middle Majority.

Blair brings the unspoken perspective of the “Middle Majority” to the complex terrain of racial justice in practice and policy.

Coming from neither academia or politics, he speaks from the vantage point of everyday people trying to do the right thing. Blair challenges conventional wisdom and puts forward a different roadmap for advancing racial equity in the United States. Critical of both standard liberal and conservative ideologies, his candid insights are not so much middle-of-the road as they are a new road to progress.

In Confessions of a Racist, Blair draws on both current and historical examples to shape a fresh approach to addressing racial disparities that focuses on root causes rather than perpetuating policies that have little effect on true progress. Blair sheds light on the consequences of different policy choices, advocating for a shift beyond the playbook that has defined US policy for the last 50 years.

Blair’s distinctive viewpoint from the Middle Majority is an authentic voice to the discussion, encouraging critical thinking on the current state of race relations. This debut work is a must-read, especially for those trying to move beyond the polarized narratives of today’s political landscape. It opens up a space for candid conversations that take on ideologies on both sides to find the common ground from which to move forward.

Confessions of a Racist: A View from the Middle Majority is on sale now at major bookstores and online retailers.

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