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This week in Summer Bay, Erinsborough and Letherbridge…

Jimmi, Rob and Ryan in Doctors

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This week in Summer Bay, Erinsborough and Letherbridge…

The latest goings on in Home and Away, Neighbours and Doctors…


A smitten Remi is ready for round two with Stevie in Home and Away this week

Levi’s not thrilled that Eden has invited Imogen for a surprise visit. He doesn’t need her help saving his marriage, he tells her. Eden disagrees – she thinks it’s a great chance for them to reconnect, and playfully reminds him he’s lucky to have her. This weighs heavily on Levi as he tells Mackenzie there’s been a change of plans – his wife’s coming to the Bay. Imogen arrives, and Levi’s worst nightmare plays out when she and Eden decide the three of them should head to Salt. He sends a furtive text to Mackenzie, gutting her. The man she loves is bringing his wife to dinner – at her restaurant!

Tane is reeling from the news that a suitable temporary foster family has been found for Maia. Harper’s assurances do little to comfort him – how can he be sure she’ll be safe? Stevie watches Remi pull in on his motorbike as she sips on her coffee, enjoying the view. Cash is quickly on her case – what is she doing out the front, where anyone could see her?! As he ushers her inside, she begrudgingly complies, but a notification on her phone changes everything – she’s got an audition for a romcom she’s been chasing for ages, she has to go.

Eden and Imogen settle in for coffee at Salt, with Mackenzie keenly listening in, desperate to learn more about her romantic rival. Imogen apologises for burdening Eden with her marital issues, but again stresses that she’s sure something has changed between her and Levi. Mackenzie is wracked with guilt as she digests the obvious pain she’s causing.

Valerie is on the phone, trying to get more pills with a promise to pay later. No luck, she tells Theo as she hangs up from her dealer. They’ll need the money upfront. When Justin meets Valerie and Theo at the coffee cart later, Theo asks about Lyrik’s fee for performing at the reception, and he and Valerie exchange covert smiles when Justin confirms it’s a paid gig. Later, Theo lies to ensure he gets the money in cash, and he and Valerie embrace when Justin agrees. When they go to meet the dealer, Theo’s having second thoughts about stealing from Justin, but Valerie pushes him, and he hands over the money. Will this come back to bite him?

Bree continues venting to Xander about her breakup with Remi. He’s a great support, and Bree is grateful – she doesn’t know what she’d do without him. When she lets Dana in on what’s been happening later, she offers her own show of support for Bree – shots. Elsewhere Theo continues his deception when he tells Kirby he thinks they should play the wedding for free. Kirby immediately agrees, and Theo must swallow his regret as she easily accepts the lie. When she meets Justin later, though, Kirby finds out about the money he gave Theo for equipment hire, and she’s instantly suspicious.

John is in a panic over finalising his celebrant course, and Irene’s worried about the stress he’s under. He frets – what if Justin only hired him out of pity? He’s sure that everyone thinks he’ll stuff it up. She comforts him – Justin asked him because he had faith in him, and so does she. He’s grateful for the encouragement – he needed to hear that.

Rose calls Tane and Roo to a meeting. She has an update on baby Maia – the paperwork’s been finalised, and first thing tomorrow, the emergency foster carers are coming to pick up the baby.

Home and Away airs 1:45pm on Channel 5, Monday to Friday and at 6pm on 5STAR with first-look screenings of the following edition at 6:30 pm. The series also streams on My5.


Amira is very protective of her brother Haz in Neighbours

Leo is alarmed to discover Abigail has eaten some pills from a bag she found on the ground. It’s worry all-around as Remi explains that without being able to identify the pills, they’ll have to pump Abigail’sstomach. A guilt-ridden Krista pipes up and identifies the contents as opioids from Shannon. After being administered a reversing agent, Abigail is back to full health but Leo remains out for blood. ConfronVngShannon, Leo informs her that he’s passed on the bag with her fingerprints to the police and vows to personally finish her if she comes near his family or friends again.

Although Krista is glad to hear Shannon will be staying away, her self-loathing and guilt flares over bringing danger to Abigail. However, Leo asserts that Krista supported him and his daughter when they needed her, and it made him realise that the two of them just fit. As Leo assures that he wants Krista, they move in for a kiss, happily witnessed by Paul.

Karl anticipates big farewell fanfare for his last day at Erinsborough Hospital but is disappointed by the absence of anything at all. His hopes rise when Remi asks him to join a confab in a treatment room, only for an elated Remi to announce her successful promotion. Although Karl agrees to meet up with Remi for a drink, he’s left disappointed that she’s been the only one to acknowledge his final day. Unaware his colleagues and Susan are setting up a surprise party at The Waterhole, a dejected Karl shows up at Aaron’s, unaware of the surprise party, Aaron agrees to go on a bike ride with Karl.

Toadie is all remorse after his kiss faux pas, while an overwhelmed Terese thinks they should discuss it after Karl’s surprise party. Susan, hoping to address simmering work tension, puts her own needs on hold to encourage Terese to be patient in allowing Toadie to win back her trust. Later, Terese confesses to Toadie that she’s not ready for physical affection and is grateful when Toadie agrees to move slower and follow her lead.

Visiting Haz, but denied entry to his room, Mackenzie is stunned to learn that Haz’s sister, Amira, has arrived. Amira realising that Mackenzie is the ex who put Haz into a coma, restricts Mackenzie’s access.

On a casual solo bike ride, Karl catches a glimpse of the real public pooper, and although he can’t see the perpetrator’s face, it’s definitely a cyclist in a YAHMIL jersey. Determined to clear his “Dr Pooper” name, and bring the true culprit to justice, Karl enlists Aaron’s help to infiltrate the YAHMILs. Aaron does his best, but fails to uncover any information, forcing Karl to go to greater lengths to clear his name.

Leo struggles with trying to find staff for Yorokobi. When Cara finds out about this, she offers up JJ –wanting him to keep busy until he goes back to school. But Leo’s not keen, worried that JJ will cause trouble.

Neighbours streaming from 7.30am, Monday to Thursday, on Freevee UK


Sid has questions in Doctors

Rob enters the FME room just as Jimmi is about to leave. Then, from somewhere within the station, there’s a loud crash. Rob goes to investigate and returns to ask Jimmi’s help. PC Ryan Martin needs medical attention. Jimmi proceeds to tend to Ryan’s injuries. Ryan opens up about why he got angry.

Al enters the icon looking for Jimmi and an after-work drink, but when he sees Sid, he tries to escape unnoticed—it doesn’t work. He reluctantly joins Sid, who wants to chat about his relationship to Paige. She’s told her friends he’s ‘marriage material’. While Sid gets in another round, Al quickly calls Jimmi to find out where he is. With no sign of Jimmi, Al continues to struggle to be the ‘sympathetic friend’.

Later, Michelle and Luca are preparing a meal. Luca claims to call Simon ‘Mr Beige’ and admits he wishes he could kick him out. Simon enters for a cup of tea and lingers. Michelle can’t help feeling sorry for him and scolds Luca for being so rude, declaring they should invite him to join them. Weary and guilty, Luca goes after Simon. As Simon, Michelle and Luca sit down to dinner, Simon asks if he can get a selfie with them to mark the occasion. Luca and Michelle agree, but when Michelle wants to see the picture, Simon hesitates, uncomfortable at giving over his phone.

Later in the week Ryam seeks out Jimmi to thank him for the other day. Jimmi is surprised he’s back on duty so soon. Ryan insists he’s fine, but Jimmi isn’t convinced. When Rob crosses paths with Ryan, the latter admits he feels like everyone is looking at him differently, leaving Rob concerned. Rob mentions to Jimmi later that Ryan said they spoke. Rob tries to defend Ryan, but Jimmi can’t agree. Rob, annoyed, swiftly exits.

Paige is distracted whilst working with Scarlett, showing off the necklace Sid bought her. Paige declares it’s every woman’s dream to be treated like a princess and mentions that Scarlett should’ve stayed with Suni. Later, Paige sets up an appointment for a manicure. Scarlett vents to Ruhma about Paige leaving herself and Kirsty to do most of the work. Sid enters and overhears some of the conversation. Sid tries to defend Paige and is left stunned by a revelation.

As the week comes to a close Sid and Paige arrive at The Mill together. Scarlett is nervous that Paige knows about the comments she made to Sid a couple of days ago, but evidently not. Bear pops into the MSU to find Sid, and out of the blue, he says he thinks he should move out. Bear explains that he wants to give Sid and Paige some space. Sid is suspicious about where these ideas have come from.

Doctors, Monday to Thursday at 1.45 pm on BBC One and the iPlayer.RIVER CITY

River City is on a break, however, you can catch up on recent events on the iPlayer…

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